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Thursday, May 07, 2009

My Day at the Beach

Today finds me in sunny beautiful Carlsbad California. I gave a speech here last night and am flying home in a few hours. I was awakened this morning by the alarm clock and then loud TV sounds from the room next door to me. My immediate response was to be bothered and a bit frustrated. Then I realized "I am in California! The beach is literally outside my window and God gave me a glorious day to get up and go enjoy!" So I listened to God and got out of bed and was going to take the hotel van into town to get a coffee and paper when I noticed a sign saying "bikes for rent"-- so I again listened to the signs that God was clearly giving me for what he intended my day to be like and journeyed off on the bike.

God is so wonderful. He created the amazing ocean for me to see, the seagulls to watch, the animals running through the cliffs--truly what I was looking at was a feast for the eyes and soul. God rode with me on the ride, he lifted my spirits, filled me with more energy than another hourof sleep could possibly have done.

Then it hit me.

That wonderful energy and closeness to God isn't reserved for a day at the beach; it is his gift to us each and every time that we exercise! What do I mean?

Well, the path that I was riding on was full of hills and my legs were burning. It was not a leisurely bike ride but a vigourous and difficultone. It was exercise! And when we exercise our bodies release endorphines--the thing that gives us that great energy rush. You can't buy endorphines in a bottle, you can find them in a pill, you can't wish them or fake them. You earn them.

I think of endorphines as God's gift to us when he created our bodies. He knew that we would have to work hard to survive and he gave us something to make us feel really good if we used our bodies as he intended for us to do. Problem is that in our modern world, we really don't have to work very hard (physically!) anymore and therefore many people never really get to experience one of the greatest gifts that God gave us; endorphines!

Therefore, I encourage you to get some exercise today! Even if you haven't exercised in years you can do something today. I promise you that God's waiting to do it with you and he's the best exercise partner you will ever find!

50 lbsOFF in26 weeks

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Treating Your Temple with Respect

"Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body" (1 Corinthians 6:19-20).

Honor God with your body? When it comes to the context of weight -- overweight, underweight, or morbidly obesity -- consider how we repeatedly dishonor God with our bodies. I never really thought about it in those terms until I read this from Corinthians.

If our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit, how then can we treat them so unhealthfully? To pour soft drinks and other sugar-filled beverages into our bodies, to eat diets consisting of little that resembles the food that God provides for us (fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, etc!) and to instead survive on greasy, fat-filled, overly processed foods and live idle sedentary existences made up of hours of television and computer viewing each day isn't really honoring God with our bodies, is it?

Have you ever used a rental car, or lived in a rental home or apartment? Generally when we are just borrowing something, we take really good care of it, better care than if we didn't have to give it back soon. Even when borrowing a book from the library or something from a friend we tend to treat these things with great care because they aren't "ours" to ruin or allow to show "wear and tear." Yet, Corinthians reminds us that "you are not your own." We are simply borrowing our bodies from God. He gave them to us to house our souls while in this Earthly world. Like anything on loan to us, we should treat them with great care; thus, honoring our God who lent them to us!

I think looking at weight loss from this perspective rather than "having to diet" might make healthy living something that you LOVE to do because you know you are serving the Lord by doing so, and therefore make it much less of a "have to do" chore or burden.

If Jesus were going to be staying this week with you at your house,what would you do? How would you live? What would you feed Him? Would you eat what you ate last week in front of Him?

I don't think any of us would take Jesus to McDonalds for lunch and order him a Big Mac, fries, and a Coke. I doubt that anyone would pour a bowl of cereal and give it to Jesus for breakfast, nor would you give him a frozen dinner!

I thought about what I would do if I had the chance to have Jesus over. I would make a breakfast filled with fresh cut fruit, scrambled eggs, toast, and juice, prepare a salad filled with fresh vegetables and some grilled chicken for lunch, and dinner would likely be a roast chicken, steamed brocolli, a rice or pasta side dish, a glass of milk maybe, and a whole grain roll. I would ask Jesus to go to the gym with me and assure Him that He would love the Body Pump class that I attend. I would ask Him if He would like to go for a walk with my family and our dogs after dinner. I would LOVE to have the chance to do that.

If we believe in the trinity -- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and that all are one -- then guess what? You have Jesus over every day!  YOUR body  is a temple for the Holy Spirit! Every day!

So, you have to ask yourself, what kind of a host or hostess are YOU?


ViceBusting... everything else is just a diet!

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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Soft Drinks and the Obesity Pandemic

 American Beverage Ass. myth by lying to NY Senate about soft drinks role in Obesity Pandemic 


ABA Debunks ‘Myth’ of Link Between Soft Drinks and Obesity in New York


ABA SmartBrief | 02/04/2009 – (Ok, first off, read WHO's brief this is. Isn't it much like the wolf putting out a briefing telling the sheep that wolves are not the reason that they are getting killed by wolves? Doesn't make any sense and both are outright lies.) 


Maureen Storey, Ph.D., ABA's senior vice president for science and policy (who should be jailed for LYING to a Senate committee but will be judged for her lies and contribution to the obesity pandemic by powers far greater than them or me someday), submitted written testimony to a joint meeting of the New York State Senate Finance Committee and The Assembly Ways and Means Committee in Albany, N.Y., debunking the alleged link between soft drinks and obesity. The committees are meeting to discuss the state's fiscal 2009 budget, including Gov. David Paterson's proposal to impose an 18-percent sales tax on dozens of beverages such as regular soft drinks, juice drinks, and teas.


Alleged Link? Excuse me? I guess the ABA also believes that the connection between drinking alcohol and getting into car accidents while driving is a myth? Or perhaps that the connections between pre-martial sex and pregnancy is a myth? Yes, abstinence couldn't possibly be the logical way for preventing negative outcome from harmful actions, could it?!

Oh, you probably don't know what the ABA is: That's the American Beverage Association, a PR/Lobby arm of the soft drink makers fully funded by Coca-Cola, Pepsi, etc! Clearly they are BIASED and have a self-serving agenda; and therefore any "testimony" from them should be disregarded. Please, if it can happen in NY, it can happen ANYWHERE! it's up to you, NY NY. Don't let the ABA get away with blatantly lying about the "alleged link". 

So, the ABA puts this nice little briefing out on the AP wires and the story headline gets picked up everywhere and the point appears to be that it's a MYTH that soft drinks have anything to do with obesity. Great PR for the ABA and its clients’ (wonder who those are: agenda, but a totally misleading message to consumers and legislators. Here's their press release/fairy tale in full: but allow me to summarize:

"Despite what Gov. Paterson and Commissioner Daines claim, the science is clear: the association between sugar-sweetened soft drinks and obesity, if it exists at all, is so weak that total abstinence from soda drinking will have no impact on public health,"  Dr. Storey said in her testimony. 

Really? Gosh, Dr. Storey-teller might want to speak to a few thousand of my readers who have lost significant amounts of weight simply by changing their soft drinks for water. One story in particular comes to my mind, and is what I would give as my testimony to the NY Senate:

A few years ago, I conducted chats on AOL for their millions of members. The hostess who was assigned to me was none too happy about having to sit in on yet another "diet" conversation, as she was 75 pounds overweight and a self-proclaimed diet failure. Nonetheless, it was her job to monitor the activity and maintain AOL's standards, so week after week she faithfully read my sermons about healthful living and the effects some of our habits and choices have on our bodies. One day she e-mailed me and said, "Do you really think if I quit drinking soft drinks that I would lose weight just doing that?" and I said, "Well, tell me how much you have to lose and how many you drink a day." She said, "75 pounds and three a day."

I assured her that if she stopped drinking the three soft drinks a day, given that ONE 12 oz. soft drink a day can pack 15 pounds a year on the human body, she would lose at least 30 pounds over the course of the year just giving up that ONE habit and replacing the three soft drinks a day with water.

She said that my math was wrong and that I was wrong about how much she would lose. I argued my point and told her more facts. Again, she insisted that I was wrong, because I misunderstood the facts: When she said she drinks "three" a day, she was in fact consuming three LITERS of Dr. Pepper a day, not three CANS!

30 pounds? I was WAY off. She went on to lose more than 75 pounds that year, and the only habit she changed was completely abstaining from soft drinks and drinking water instead.

I had the opportunity to meet her two years later when she was in St. Louis for an AOL team get-together. She gave me the biggest hug and thanked me, but as she stepped back and I soaked in this wonderful woman's appearance, I couldn't help but notice the few teeth that she had in her mouth were rotted, yellow, and well there is no polite way to say it disgusting to look at.

I beg to differ with Dr. Storey. Complete abstinence from soft drinks would have a HUGE impact on public health not just obesity, but dental health as well.

I can tell you horror story after horror story about the health problems that I have witnessed first hand regarding the connection between soft drinks and ill health. It's no myth, no urban legend, and no fairy tale that soft drinks are the biggest contributor to the obesity pandemic in the World.

The governor of New York is a very brave man to dare to challenge the powerful soft drink industry. It's likely that he will lose the fight, but at least he engaged in battle for the good of his citizens. Just watch who runs against him for office. I am willing to bet that the ABA will be making some sizeable campaign donations.

Don't believe me? Here's a few compelling articles for your reading pleasure: Liquid Candy CSPI urges FDA to order warnings on Soft Drink labels Study Links Soft Drinks with Obesity.

The search for the culprit in rising obesity levels is increasingly narrowing on one source soft drinks. A new study amplifies those claims, finding that the increased consumption of sugary beverages corresponds with America's expanding waistline.

Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health and the American Heart Association conducted this study, reviewing "the most credible scientific nutrition studies over past 40 years"....

I guess Dr. Storey knows something that Harvard, the American Heart Association, and various federal agencies don't. Or is she on the payroll of the problem?

And here's a final thought:

Carbonated soft drinks are the single largest source of calories in the American diet, according to a 2005 report called "Liquid Candy," produced by the nonprofit Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI). Companies annually manufacture enough soda pop to provide more than 52 gallons to every man, woman, and child in the United States.

Well, there are four members in my family and we don't drink ANY soft drinks, so who's drinking our 208 gallons a year? 

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Monday, February 02, 2009

WWGE: What Would God Eat?

For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the LORD. Live as children of the light...(Ephesians 5:8).
When it comes to weight loss and our bodies, we tend to forget that God has a plan for us and how we should live. Rather than diet and become obsessed with counting calories, points, and weighing your body, why not stop before eating something and ask yourself as one "living as a child of the light," how God would want me to treat my body? Is this how God would live?
Our modern lives are filled with high-calorie unhealthy foods, sedentary lifestyles, and excess of just about everything--except perhaps trust in God to help us get healthier! I encourage you to simply live as God would want you to. I don't think God would want you to put unhealthy foods in your body and gain so much weight that it hinders your mobility and quality of life.
Did you know there are now more than 2 MILLION people in the U.S. who are considered "Super Obese"? That means 2 million people weight MORE THAN 500 pounds! Surely they can't be living as children of the light. A shut-in lifestyle, unable to run and play, to go to can that possibly be what God intended?
You may only be dealing with 10 pounds, or 50 that you want to lose, but if you don't take charge of it now and do something about it, the 15 million morbidly obese people are on their way to "super" obesity and the 32 percent who are simply overweight will cross over to the morbidity rankings.
We have to do something now to turn this dangerous trend around. I think this Scripture says it perfectly: LIVE as children of the light.
I know God wants us to eat a moderate amount of healthful and nutritious foods -- the foods He created for us, not what McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Kraft, and Kelloggs came up with! If it is grown, you can eat it. If it is processed, you are better off considering it 'dark' food and stay in the light. WWGE -- What Would God Eat?!

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Oprah and Diets

We admire Oprah and her many accomplishments, and I'm sure not knowing her personally that she probably has a big heart. But it must be troubling not only to be under a microscope all the time considering her 'celebrity' status, but to be overly analyzed when it comes to her weight.

Sure she has yo-yo'd for years like many dieters, with some long spans of healthier weight than others. If not for her fluctuation in weight, she might not be getting the ratings she does since so many people (guilty as
charged) like to talk about her weight, especially when she's put on a few pounds.

Here's what we would like to tell Oprah, along with any of you who might struggle with the 'up and downs' of a typical dieter. First, your weight should not be your focus. "Oh, I weight 188 pounds, I need to lose 36 pounds." Great, you've just solved nothing other than to point out the obvious if you are 36 pounds overweight! How do you know it's not 35? The point is that the problem is not your weight, or too much of it. Your problem is your lifestyle, your diet, your exercise plan or lack thereof.

These are the things you change. This is the only 'active' change you can make. The weight is just a by-product of what you're doing? Unless you're wearing a lot of clothes, you aren't going to change your weight today, only your actions that have an influence on what you weigh. Hopefully, your mindset about your weight will change on this if you understand and believe what was just said.

Secondly, by now it is safe to say that moderation is not acceptable. Oprah being the best, most perfect, most visible proof that moderation of those foods that are not contributing to a healthy weight, and a healthy body, should make us believe that you just can't consume things that aren't good for you...ever. Why risk it? Why, other than the pure taste enjoyment, eat or drink anything that doesn't have benefit to your health?  Can you weigh the risk versus benefit ratio and decide? In other words, can you evaluate how much potential harm a food or drink has versus how much benefit it has, then decide if it's worth it? I suppose. But most of what we consume that is contributing to the obesity problem is very black and white - soft drinks, fast foods, for starters. Certainly bacon and sausage would fit in that category. Fruits and vegetables, water, lean protein... all good choices.

There are enough healthy foods that do taste good (if you haven't burned up your taste buds with junk), that you shouldn't need to worry about foods that you don't like. Putting a little cheese on a steamed vegetable so it tastes good, now that's the way to do it so you'll eat it all and get those nutrients in your system.

Lastly, the model for a successful diet should be all about building healthy habits into your life. A healthy lifestyle is the goal. What you do, what you love to do, on a daily basis, with food acting as the fuel to make those things possible, productive, and fun. (Here's more on Oprah's recent weight gain...

It may be that Oprah has the opportunity to travel the world and try any types of delicacies that are available that many of us may never experience.

Maybe that freedom of choice and that luxury is not such a good thing. If you could have anything you want, no matter what the price - eat at the finest restaurants in the world, drink the most expensive wines - do you think you would? And more importantly, if you did, do you think you would not gain weight and maintain good health? Something to think about. Or would you build the finest exercise facility in your home - gym, pool, sauna, track, a court of some kind, etc...with your own personal chef and massuese?

Does Oprah have these but still succumb to the pleasures of the unhealthy foods? Maybe so. 

This is why we have to bust our diet vices. Oprah's Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. David Katz think it's a good idea. Learn more about The Vice Busting Diet Plan, and build a healthy lifestyle. to get a FREE audio CD "Secrets of the Fittest" and sign up for my motivational emails. 

I would like to personally invite you to my monthly FREE tele-meeting. Give me an hour of your time and I will help you improve your health and life forever!

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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Fall Changes for Fitness

What that did for me, is make me not too attached to material things. My family teases me now that the walls of our house have gotten 5 inches thicker in the 17 years I have lived in it because I paint constantly! To me, change is a good thing!

I tend to get very bored with things that stay the same for too long. Funny that I allowed my obesity to remain for almost 10 years of my life! Wouldn't you think THAT would have been something I would have wanted to change long before the sofa in the living room?!

A survey that I conducted on my readers showed that we spend an average of 20 years “dieting” but not solving the problem; losing the weight and keeping it off! That would lead one to think that we really must fight permanent change!

We humans are funny creatures indeed!

This week, I would like for YOU to do some soul searching and discover what it is about your life that needs changing and WHY are you are resisting it!

Are you more focused on the look of your home than the appearance of your body? (I am living proof now that you can change and have both exactly as you desire!)

Are you afraid of what the change to a healthy lifestyle will do to your life, as you know it? I worked with one woman, the most moral and Christian woman I have ever met, yet she had an irrational belief that IF/when she lost weight, she would suddenly turn into a woman of ill-repute because men would desire her. Realizing that she was not likely to change WHO she is helped her change WHAT she looked like.

Are you worried that if you commit to changing your life, that you might fail and fall short of your goals? It is far better to strive for a goal then to never try, or fall short of it--getting as little as 5 lbs off improves your health; 100 lbs off even better but start with the first 5!

Are thoughts holding you back? NOT to worry! Here is the TRUTH!

If you let the house go, it will get messy. If you don't do maintenance around your home, eventually it will fall into disarray. If a tree doesn’t get water and sunlight, it would not live up to it’s potential and could die a premature death. 

Your body is no different. If you take pride in being your town's equivalent to Martha Stewart, that is GREAT! But, don't allow your attention to only be on your home, crafts and baking perfect cookies...make sure you pay equal attention to your real home! YOUR dwelling place....YOUR BODY!

By the time nature is ready for it’s springtime show, tulips can be popping up in your yard and a tone body can be popping out of your current body! With the proper care and nutrition, you can realize your potential, your dreams! You KNOW what you are capable of! Get busy and show the world!

If you worry that you can't live as you do now if you are a 'health nut', you are wrong! I met with a reader of mine yesterday and she said exactly that, she is mourning the loss of life as she knows it and is not ready to let go and give in to healthy living. We had quite a talk about that issue. LIFE as you know it does not change just because you are eating healthier foods and getting some exercise! You don't suddenly go into seclusion because you are choosing healthy actions! IT is not a cloistered living! Trust me, you can still be the life of any party and when NOT eating from the cheese platter or dessert tray!

And finally, worried you may fail?! So your alternative is to NOT try? I don't think so! Any success story, from ANY walk of life that you have ever heard; is simply ONE more try after the last failure! Don't believe me...ask someone you respect who you consider ‘successful’; ask them if it came easy? Ask them if they didn't have to try over and over again until finally, seemingly overnight; they got it right and succeeded...this time!

Here is a catchy tune to hum along in your head this week as you contemplate the direction your changes will take...from my old college pal, Sheryl Crow-- "I think a change...will do you good!" or something like that! LOL

I KNOW it will do you good! And, if you need a nudge in the right direction, I know that you can find all of the support, encouragement and guidance right here!

Get a FREE copy of my "Secrets of the Fittest" audio at 

Or feel free to drop me an email to and I will be happy to nudge you in the direction of change for the better!


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Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's Good to be Abnormal

Don't you love reading the "before and after" weight loss success stories in magazines or seeing the transformations realized on "The Biggest Loser"?

The images are always inspirational, but what happens when the magazine is off the shelves? When the camera is turned off? When life returns to "normal"?
It was being "normal" that got the enabled the person to gain weight in the first place! So, if that person only "dieted" but didn't work on identifying and realizing exactly WHY they got overweight; from the emotional reasons to the specific food or "diet vices" they indulge in on a regular basis and then permanently change them, replacing what had been "normal" to them with healthier options the weight they lost will undoubtedly return over time.
I lost 130 pounds so long ago that I don't really think about it much.  But what does stay in my mind, is that to keep it off, I have to continually abstain from my old vices, be mindful of new ones that may creep up and always focus on trying to improve my health and fitness as best I can.
That is not obsession but rather passion for self-improvement, for health and for longevity and above all, it's actually really fun!
It is so much more awesome to be wearing the cute high heel shoes, fun denim jacket and slacks in a size 8 that I have on today than my 2XX Chadwicks of Boston 'tent' dresses that for too long I hid away from life in. Today, I stand proudly, confidently and I hope, "normally"!
Want to be normal, too?! Then join me and be abnormal! Do what only 20% of Americans do, live healthfully!!

Pray to God each day, asking Him to bless you with a healthful life, a body that has mobility and is full of energy. Be specific when you ask  Don't just pray to lose weight. Ask God to help you have more energy, be more full of spirit and to be able to serve Him better and longer in a more healthful body. Then, help Him answer

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dress for Weight Loss Success

I was on my annual girls trip this weekend and let me tell you, there was a TON of junk available 24-7. When we are together, we know how to eat.  Two of the gals are in the restaurant business and they know their food.  So I have to be very mindful. I didn't do the late night rally's burger run, I went to the quick shop and got water instead.
They ate donuts for breakfast, I made fresh fruit salad for everyone. They ordered dessert, I tried a bite of the sinful looking one and then put my napkin over my utensils and called it a night! I tried some things, but didn't eat more than that and didn't try the fried macaroni & cheese wonton thing? I can't believe some of the things that fancy chefs come up with, but what it is causing is an epidemic of obesity in our nation that we are having a hard time reveresing.  
Two of my friends have amazing bodies, one works out hard, swimming competitively and training an hour or more a day, the other does no exercise but is usually "on" some diet or another and goes up and down accordingly.   The other two; one is too skinny when not in love and overweight when in love-(the epitome of "fat and happy") She would tell you that. The other has gained some weight lately. I noticed ithat she wore big and baggy dresses that made her look even bigger.

Girls, you know, if you look in the mirror and see big, you are more likely to 'eat big' that day! 
When we went shopping, I encouraged her to buy some things that were more fitted and flattered her figure--she did and looked 10 pounds thinner!   What are YOU wearing today? What does it say about your self-confidence? Are you wearing make up? Did you style your hair?   
Believe it or not, that all makes a difference in what you do today that will either further your progress or push you further away from your goals and dreams.
So, tell me -- what are your dreams and goals and what are you doing to realize them?

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Friday, August 29, 2008

Don't Let Fear Stop You

Disappointment is difficult for anyone to take, and so often it is the fear of disappointment that stops us from even trying to get what we want.  In order to realize anything you want in life, you have to try.
My son has been in football camp all week and it has been a very hard week physically and he said last night that he really hopes he makes the team. I am proud of him for trying, and I really hope he learns that trying your hardest and doing your best sometimes needs to be enough and that the character one builds while trying to overcome obstacles is a gift. Hard to see that while in the moment, but it's my job to remind!
Remember when we were kids, not everyone made the team, not everyone got a trophy. But kids today are so used to getting everything, making every team, getting a ribbon, that they haven't learned the lesson that disappointment and pain teaches.
It teaches perseverance; getting up and trying again because you really want it badly. Your "WHY" is big enough that you don't accept NO, you won't stop until you realize whatever it is that you want.
Life does have a way of beating down that drive and convincing us that we shouldn't bother trying because we just won't succeed. NOT with that attitude! But, you can succeed IF you try, and you can't succeed if you don't try. That's a guarantee.
My point is this, you can't let disappointments from your past cloud your choices and actions today. If you got off the track of healthy living and are at a weight you don't like, diets have failed you and life isn't going your way right now--you can choose to change, you can decide to try again.
It really is that simple. Make the decision that from today on, your life is going to move in the direction YOU want it to. Figure out WHY you want to be healthier, more fit and happier and let the WHY become big enough that it fuels you to success.

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Help for America's Obesity Problem

How to best combat obesity in America is as huge of a national debate as abortion, the coming election and tax increases. Heck, we spend so much time debating the issues that there is little time or money left to actually solve the problems we face.

Here's the truth. Whether Americans want to face it or not, we eat too much fast food, restaurant food and over-processed "convenience foods". We drink too many soft drinks, juice drinks and "sports"/"energy" drinks that are loaded with high fructose corn syrup (even the seemingly healthy product "Vitamin Water" is loaded with the junk!) and we sit on our widening rear ends hours on end, pardon the pun, doing NONE or not enough physical activity. The average person watches more TV in a day than they exercise.

The reason we are in this Obesity Pandemic mess is easy to see and simple to fix; but that would mean giving up our comfortable "American" lifestyles; actually having to cook and prepare healthful meals at home:

• Rather than popping open a box of cereal for themselves and/or little Billy before work/school and sending him off to learn fueled with sugar in his engine--we would get up 20 minutes early and make a healthy breakfast of whole grain pancakes w/ fresh fruit in them, egg white omelets with ONE yolk and a lot of fresh vegetables.

• Rather than relying on budget strapped schools to feed your child, save their money for books and teachers salaries and pack your child's lunch! Make a healthful sandwich on whole grain bread, put tomato and lettuce on it. Pack a piece of fruit, a few healthy homemade cookies and a bottle of water. Pack yourself the same lunch and spend your lunch hour at your desk improving your productivity and increasing your income rather than trolling the food court at a nearby mall looking for the tastiest junk to eat.

• Take a baseball bat to every soda machine that offers anything other than water. Ok, that's extreme, but it certainly would help!

• Turn the television OFF and get at least 30 minutes of exercise a day! We are not an obese society because not enough people 'have called Jenny yet', we are an obese society because McDonalds and Coca-Cola sell more food to us than anyone else,

Come on America, are you willing to prove me wrong? NO fast food and NO soft drinks for ONE YEAR; let's just see what it does for our bottom line.

I can almost see the headlines now:

Master Motivator Julia Havey offers a challenge to American's that would cut Obesity rates in half in one year's time. The plan called for total and complete abstinence from fast food and soft drinks for one year. America took the call to action and followed the simple plan and cut government spending on Obesity related causes by $30 BILLION dollars, consumer spending increased because people earned more money due to increased productivity, which was due to their decreased weight and needed new, smaller sized clothing for themselves and their children. Sporting goods sales doubled. And McDonalds and Coca-Cola are out of the junk food business; Coca-Cola's Dansani water line, is the best selling beverage in the world and McDonald's sells grilled chicken salads with healthy low fat dressings, apple dippers WITHOUT the option of caramel to dip it in (that negates any health value they may have!) to millions a day and have revamped their image from enablers of obesity to champions of health!--and then, I woke up!

The source for Obesity solutions
Julia Havey

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