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I Swear This Is a Problem for Donald Trump

Here's some no-brainer analysis when trying to court evangelical voters: curse words don’t work. Clearly, Donald Trump either didn't get the memo or doesn’t care. I’m going with the latter.

Trump's salty language on the campaign trail does him NO favors when trying to court evangelical voters. For that matter, forget just evangelical voters. How about just pro-family voters in general?

I'm not going to provide links to the coarse language. You can look it up for yourself. It happened yet again last night in Manchester.

Look, I'm not saying evangelicals are perfect. Clearly they’re not, hence the reason we ALL need a savior named Jesus Christ. But at some point, Trump needs to understand that vulgarity during campaign speeches hurts him with the exact voters he needs to win states and secure the nomination.

Will there ever be a specific poll on how much he loses favor with evangelicals because of his choice of curse words? No, of course not. This is all anecdotal. But the point remains the same; cursing up a storm may get you the temporary standing ovation at a rally in front of hard-core supporters who love you but if you’re looking to bring new voters into the fold, especially evangelicals in the upcoming primaries of South Carolina and SEC territory, then you have to lay off the curse words.

It’s called discipline, a crucial trait in presidential politics. For those who would defend Trump by saying, "Hey, it's just Donald being Donald," sorry that doesn't cut it. The language is uncalled for. There are children at these rallies not to mention the media will run the clip nationally.

It's not a funny thing just to blow up. You can be bold without the expletives. You can be strong without the four-letter words. Even if you think I'm wrong, that's fine but just remember this: if Trump is really your guy then it's in his best interest to tone it down or it simply becomes another strike against him at the ballot box.

For evangelicals, Trump's salty language gives them something additional to consider.

Print     Email to a Friend    posted on Tuesday, February 09, 2016 10:04 AM

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