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Fact Checking President Obama

The Washington Post is fact checking President Obama's State of the Union speech. Last night, President Obama said, “more than eight million new jobs our businesses have created over the past four years.”

Here's The Washington Post's take:

"The president is cherry-picking a number that puts the improvement in the economy in the best possible light. The low point in jobs was reached in February 2010, and there has indeed been a gain of about 8 million jobs since then, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data. (Obama, saying “businesses,” appears to be referring to private sector growth of 8.2 million; adding government jobs reduces the total to 7.6 million.) But the data also show that since the start of his presidency, about 3.2 million jobs have been created — and the number of jobs in the economy still is about 1.2 million lower than when the recession began in December 2007."

More here.

Print     Email to a Friend    posted on Wednesday, January 29, 2014 12:33 PM

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