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Brody File Exclusive: Jeb Bush Says "Traditional Families" Will Lead America's Renewal

In an exclusive sit-down interview with The Brody File, Jeb Bush affirmed his personal belief in traditional marriage and went on to say that, “traditional families are what are going to end up leading our renewal.” He also says that he when it comes to issues that divide the GOP (like, for example gay rights), he has no interest in getting bogged down in those.

We sat down with Jeb Bush Friday morning at the Faith and Freedom Coalition event in DC. If Jeb Bush decides to run for president, he will most likely be considered the frontrunner for the GOP nomination. However, there’s plenty of room to run to Bush’s right on some issues. Someone will take up that space. Actually, plenty will fight over it.

Courtesy: CBN News/The Brody File

David Brody:  “A couple buzz words that you mentioned, one in a speech, the non-traditional family and you mentioned the word inclusive.  You know, evangelicals hear those words and go, 'Oh my goodness: gay marriage and the train has left the station.'  How do you navigate the gay rights issue?”

Jeb Bush: “First of all, just the terms I used were related to the fact  that if you wander around America today, there are a lot of grandmother's taking care of kids, there are a lot of single dads that are doing the work, there's a lot, a lot, a lot of single moms, and so, the non-traditional family that I was speaking of is the struggle in the great majority  part of our society where families are really struggling to be able to do what's right.  And they don't have the infrastructure of love around them that makes it harder to be successful.  And that to me is the bigger issue than the issues of gay rights and other things.  I think, look, I think we can be respectful, we can be compassionate, we can talk about this in non-judgmental terms.  But ultimately, for our country's success, traditional families are what are going to end up leading our renewal, that moms and dads or husbands and wives that love their children with all their heart and soul is going to be the path to restoration for our country.”

David Brody:  “Just so I understand, as it relates to gay rights, gay adoption and all of this type of stuff.  Where are you on this? President Obama has evolved over the years.  We see the polls shifting with millennials.

Jeb Bush: “There's been huge change in culture.  My own personal views are I believe in traditional marriage, but I would emphasize in the public square, the need to restore our country's greatness through prosperity and through reform and through a recognition of the strength of family, in general, and the more we get into the fights that divide us, the less likely it is that we will be governing again.  And this country needs conservative leadership in positions of importance at every level.  Without it, we will have an ever-encroaching government, we'll have slow economic growth, people will begin to realize or think, at least, that economic anxiety is what drives their motivation and they'll accept more and more government and our country will have been permanently changed.

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# RE: Brody File Exclusive: Jeb Bush Says "Traditional Families" Will Lead America's Renewal

my kids were born in 1978 '83 and '85 so they are what? Generation x, why, and who cares? I taught school with a "generation 10 years younger and NEWS FLASH!! the much ballyhooed total acceptance of "gay marriage" etc is not exactly true, even though I had many gay friends, one of my sons certainly is at least "bi" etc. Somebody needs to remember that the Greeks praised HOMOSEXUAL love as the highest purest love, it was EXPECTED that older men my age would have a young boy to "train" and they STILL DID NOT HAVE GAY MARRIAGE !!! Anyone listening???
Left by moronpolitics on Jun 15, 2013 1:31 AM

# RE: Brody File Exclusive: Jeb Bush Says "Traditional Families" Will Lead America's Renewal

This country is in DESPERATE NEED of a Christian revival starting with men and women putting away ALL these current political ideologies that only serve to promote and push societal depravity. Traditional Family IS the strongest cornerstone in ANY civlized society that will keep the country strong. I agree with Mr Bush...we need to get back to Traditional 1 man 1 woman strong marriage commitment. Will our population WAKE UP? I dont know what it will take but I hope and pray we change as we are on a course for CERTAIN self destruction!
Left by Dennis on Jun 15, 2013 2:04 PM