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Progressive Christian Groups Make Impact In Massachusetts Primary race

Time and time again, we’ve documented the clout of conservative evangelicals within GOP Primary contests. Well, in the Massachusetts Democrat Primary taking place today, progressive Christian groups are having a powerful impact too. They have helped make opposition to the Keystone Pipeline issue a major campaign issue. Before they got involved, it was a side issue. Ed Markey, who is against the pipeline has been helped by the effort and is leading in the polls. His opponent, Rep. Stephen Lynch was supportive of the pipeline at first but then progressive Christian faith leaders pushed him in the other direction.

When all is said in done in this Primary race, Massachusetts faith leaders will have directly reached out to roughly one million Christians in the state. The Good Steward Campaign contacted over 600,000 Christian voters and they got help from pastors and nuns along the way. The result? 70,000 people got involved by signing a petition and telling their political leaders to oppose Keystone. Many other groups were involved including progressive Christian organizations like The American Values Network, Catholics United, and Interfaith Power and Light.

So much is written about the impact of conservative evangelicals in the political process but lets not forget the other side of the equation. Progressive Christians are affecting change as well and it’s been on the rise for years now.

Print     Email to a Friend    posted on Tuesday, April 30, 2013 11:48 AM

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