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A Serious Question For Homosexual Activists

The gay marriage issue is front and center here in America and all over the World. Just recently, we’ve had France approve Gay Marriage (along with rioting in the street) and Rhode Island is about to become yet another state who will support it. But here’s a serious question that should be pondered: If gay marriage is considered ok in today’s society, well then why shouldn’t marriage between three people be ok? Why not marriage between a sister and a brother? A couple of cousins? No, seriously. I mean if gay rights activists want to throw traditional marriage out the window and introduce a new contract of love, then why should it only apply to them?

Instead, you know what I hear from homosexual activists about this point? Silence. Birds chirping. Nada. Zilch. Nothing. Or if they do say something they’ll say, ‘Don’t be so absurd.” Well, The Brody File says why not? If they believe in the concept that marriage can be anything to anybody as long as two people care for each other in a “committed loving relationship” then what’s the problem with those other scenarios we laid out?  Why aren’t they ok? Hang on. That’s right. Birds chirping. Dead silence. Hypocrisy? You bet.

Print     Email to a Friend    posted on Monday, April 29, 2013 12:33 PM

Comments on this post

# RE: A Serious Question For Homosexual Activists

David your right but I think the reason for the chirpping and silence is that this is next on the roster. The equality crowd are allready talking about polyamorous marrage(more than two) and a woman tried to marry a dolphin a few years ago. Really it was in all the msm. And prominent ppl in the courts and media has said the age of marrying should be lowered to 9 they are promoting child sex and forced marrage of children has been reported on cbn by George Thomas from India.BUT in the USA we have been the standard for biblical values-have been. Having done all we stand.And let the insults fall to the ground.
Left by kelly on Apr 29, 2013 1:12 PM

# RE: A Serious Question For Homosexual Activists

Cousins can already wed in much of the country.

Our tax, federal aid, etc... laws would require a complete rework to allow multiple partners.

And your views of sister and brother are funny.

You're not hearing nothing, you're just not listening.
Left by Tedlick on Apr 29, 2013 1:38 PM

# RE: A Serious Question For Homosexual Activists

David, the reason you don't hear back from gay activists about multiple partners marriage is because we just don't care about it. It's never discussed among me or any of my friends. I guess that people who are interested in threesomes are also likely the same people who view marriage as an outdated institution.

Multiple marriage might be a threat to the definition of marriage, but the only people proposing it are fundamentally religious people like some Mormon sects.
Left by Mile High Joe on Apr 29, 2013 2:40 PM

# RE: A Serious Question For Homosexual Activists

Oh for Heaven's sake, David. Not the old "slippery slope" thing AGAIN???

No one is "throwing traditional marriage out the window." For people who are Straight (i.e. heterosexual) absolutely nothing is changing or being "redefined." Straight people will continue to date, get engaged, marry, and build lives and families together as they always have. None of that is going to change when Gay people are allowed to do the same.

All the marriage equality movement is about is acknowledging the fact that Gay couples exist, and that there is no Constitutional justification for denying law-abiding, taxpaying Gay couples the same legal benefits that Straight couples have always taken for granted. If you want to conflate it with polygamy and incest and God-only-knows what else, that's you're business, but you'll get no help from us. The only thing Gay people want is what YOU have: The right to marry the person you love.
Left by Chuck Anziulewicz on Apr 29, 2013 3:30 PM

# RE: A Serious Question For Homosexual Activists

Personally I think the arguments against polygamy are more compelling than the arguments for it. Polygamy produces excess men who have no place in society, as any FLDS outcast will tell you. For every man who marries four women, three guys can't find a wife. They will never have kids or buy a house or need to work hard and contribute to the economy. In countries where it is practiced, they tend to turn to gangs and rebellions.

Only the most wealthy man can afford it, but many others won't realize it and will take on too many wives and children and then expect the government to take care of them. The FLDS polygamous Mormon sect took in millions in government money to keep going. They call it "Bleeding the Beast."

Wives have to compete for affection, time, food, stuff for their own children. Men have little interest in being the referee. They often turn the money over to one wife and all others have to beg for stuff.
Left by Chuck Anziulewicz on Apr 29, 2013 3:32 PM

# RE: A Serious Question For Homosexual Activists

Good day all
Gays must reliase that which ever way they look at it Gods Word does not change He loves the gay people but not your lifestyle its an abormanation I am appealing to the gay society get saved you are going to pay such a great price which you could have avoided by just accepting Jesus as your Lord and saviour give Him a chance whilst you still alive He cares Bless you
Left by no on Apr 30, 2013 2:33 AM

# RE: A Serious Question For Homosexual Activists

The reason you don't hear anything about the questions you raise here is because serious participants in the LGBT rights discussion addressed them eight years ago.
Left by Dan on Apr 30, 2013 12:53 PM

# RE: A Serious Question For Homosexual Activists

Gay relationships are not what God intended, Marriage is for a man and a woman...........period. When you go against God's laws you have no rights concerning marriage. I am with you NO. God does Love you and he gives you a free will, but it is not his will. He is a just God. He means what he says, No effeminate person shall ever enter the gates of Heaven.
Left by L.J. on Apr 30, 2013 1:04 PM

# RE: A Serious Question For Homosexual Activists

ha ha, EXCELLENT POINT! ya got em! Home run Dave ! loving it! God Blesses the Faithful. They who love God will obey His Word, instead of trying to make up their own ways. Amen brother.
Left by Heaven's Calling on Apr 30, 2013 1:59 PM

# RE: A Serious Question For Homosexual Activists

Who's advocating polygamy or sibling marriage? Who? Your question tries to get others to defend those points of view.

You are off topic and asking the wrong group. You should ask supporters of polygamy, or supporters of sibling marriage, or supporters of cousin marriage. If any of those groups want to challenge laws, then they should do so.

It's not a same sex marriage argument. Those are separate resolutions. Differentiating arguments can be tricky.

PS--I did not see rioting in Rhode Island nor in New Zealand.
PSS--You are free to share my post with those who had given you no response.
Left by Dutch CRC on May 05, 2013 8:18 AM

# RE: A Serious Question For Homosexual Activists

I bet there are guys who both oppose same sex marriage and would support polygamy. Have you asked your questions to those guys?
Left by Dutch CRC on May 05, 2013 8:31 AM

# RE: A Serious Question For Homosexual Activists

I, as a gay woman, would like to know when and who decided that is was ok to only recite how being gay is wrong, but eating shrimp, wearing clothing of mixed fabrics, having relations with your wife before the 7th day after her menstrual cycle, women wearing mens clothes, etc. is no longer an abomination. there are those in church who can be remarried after a divorce and isn't that an abomination too? This is a big reason why a lot of gays and other people refuse to go to church because of the hypocrisy of whats chosen to be right and wrong now. God is a god of love not hate. I have him in my heart, do anything to help anyone that I can, work, raise to wonderful, respectful children. but yet, I am only the "gay girl" that's going to hell. Its absurd to me that people are still just as judgemental as those that God talks against. My love is no different. Is it about procreation? what about those who can't have kids because of medical issues, are they going to hell too?
Left by brandy ward on Oct 30, 2013 9:29 AM