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Rand Paul Tells Brody File U.S. Should Stay Out of Israeli Settlement Issue

Sen. Rand Paul tells The Brody File that the United States should stay out of the Israeli settlement issue and believes the Israeli/Palestinian conflict could get better if the struggle is divided up into smaller, more achievable goals.

He also believes it’s important to figure out ways for Palestinians to become more economically prosperous.

This interview was done up on Capitol Hill last week. Paul recently came back from his first trip to Israel.

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Courtesy: CBN News/The Brody File

Key quote:

Sen. Rand Paul: I think it’s presumptuous of politicians, many from this administration to go over there and tell them where they can build and where they can’t build. I think that’s a conversation that they need to have and there’s pros and cons to building neighborhoods and settlements but really it’s not American politicians that need to tell them where to build.

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