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Thursday, February 07, 2013

CNN's Dana Bash Talks Judaism on The Brody File

CNN's Dana Bash joined us this week on The Brody File. Watch her segment below. She talks about the importance of Judaism in her life. The Brody File also grew up Jewish so we have a bond!

The Brody File has interviewed quite a few Jewish media personalities (Wolf Blitzer, Andrea Mitchell, Dana Bash, etc.) so watch my commentary after the interview with Dana to get my take on why we do that!

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Karl Rove vs. Evangelicals = Joan Collins vs. Linda Evans

Now that Karl Rove is setting up his new Conservative Victory Project that will challenge committed constitutionally conservative candidates, we are about to see an internal fight among GOP conservatives that will rival Joan Collins and Linda Evans from the 80s show Dynasty.

Their fights were classic! Before we continue with our analysis, please watch the video below to understand how vicious this fight is going to be. Go 45 seconds into the video to capture the true essence of the fight.

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This fight will be worse than a pillow fight between Collins and Evans. This will be worse than Tom and Jerry. Yes, worse than Nancy and Tonya. What is about to transpire is a fight for the soul of the Republican Party. Even more than that, it is a fight for the future of conservatism.

Which side will win out? Will it be Karl Rove and his money machine intent on preserving a GOP majority for decades to come that has no problem with moderate Republicans as long as they have an “R” after their name and caucus with Republicans? Or will faithful Tea Party principles win out, led by a group of patriots who are more concerned about standing on the principles of freedom and limited government than worrying about the future of the Republican Party?

The outcome is unclear. The only thing that is known is the brutality of these upcoming GOP Primary battles.

But let me say this: The buzz inside the evangelical community is that they are ready for a fight with the GOP power brokers. They are ready to fight for Judeo-Christian principles and for candidates who stand for them. They are tired of being used by a Republican Party who has asked for their loyalty but has delivered little in return. These evangelical leaders see a Republican Party that is reluctant to talk about social issues anymore even though the real problem in America is its moral decline.

The result is that you now have a situation where GOP leaders feel the ticket to remaining a viable political party is to grow the “big tent” and in the process move away from hot-button social issues because they don’t want to “offend” anyone and lose votes in the process.

Evangelicals say no way. They see this as a struggle between good and evil. They will not retreat. As a matter of fact, Karl Rove’s new business venture may have just awakeed a sleeping giant. Now, evangelicals know for sure where Rove and the “Establishment Class” stand. They want to win elections and preserve the Republican Party. That’s the goal, plain and simple.

Evangelicals want to win elections too but they aren’t interested in preserving the Republican Party. They’re interested in preserving the culture and the constitutionally conservative Judeo-Christian principles that come along with it. The battle lines have been drawn. The fight is on. Joan Collins and Linda Evans better watch out.

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Chris Christie and Fat Jokes

I laughed so much watching Chris Christie on David Letterman. Have you seen it? It's worth it.

The fat jokes are hilarious. Christie is such a good sport.

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Media Bias Explained

The Brody File read some great analysis on media bias from Peter Wehner, who is a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center.

It’s a must read. Full link is here but an excerpt is below.

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What explains this? (liberal media bias)

A combination of factors, I think. One is the rise of Fox News. For decades progressives had a monopoly on news, which meant they were content to slant the news but not routinely cross the line into advocacy. But now that Fox News has offered not only a different perspective, but a popular one, journalists may feel they must, in order to compensate for their loss of influence, increase their liberal advocacy.

A second factor is Barack Obama. He is liberal, Ivy League, and a person of color. That is simply too powerful of a combination for the elite media to resist. (If Obama were conservative, Ivy League, and a person of color, he would be a marked man, as Clarence Thomas has been.) Mr. Obama touches the media’s erogenous zone in ways that no other president, even JFK, ever has. One gets to sense that journalists not only like Mr. Obama; they are in awe of him. They want to impress him and please him and are afraid of being rebuked by him. (It is very much how my 3rd grade son views his teacher.) Being a bright fellow, Mr. Obama understands this, which is why from time to time he transitions from being president to being media critic. He issues marching orders to the elite media–and a stunningly high number of journalists salute and do as they are told.

A third factor is that more and more “objective” journalists seem to feel that liberalism is synonymous with social justice and they want to be in the midst of the fight to advance it. Hence we see people like Bob Schieffer and Tom Brokaw–who once upon a time would have actually tried to keep their biases reasonably in check–frame the issue over gun control as if we’re in Selma in 1965. It’s all rather silly–efforts to manufacture melodrama usually are–but I suppose there’s something emotionally satisfying about trying to recapture, over and over again, the moral moment that was the civil rights era.

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