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Thursday, January 31, 2013

U.S. Senate Gives Muslim Brotherhood More Weapons

So let me get this straight: Egypt is unraveling and is led by a man who has called Jews, "apes and pigs" and yet the U.S. government is sending money, tanks, and F-16s to the Muslim Brotherhood in their quest to secure control of Egypt.

Nice. Oy.

Sen. Rand Paul tried to stop this today with an amendment to a debt limit bill but to no avail. His amendment went down to defeat 79-19. It never had a shot and Sen. Paul knew that but he decided to inject a bit of common sense into the Senate proceedings. No wonder it was defeated!

Read more on what Sen. Paul said about this on the Senate floor today.

I rise today to present legislation that would stop the transfer of F-16s and Abrams tanks to Egypt. I think it particularly unwise to send tanks and our most sophisticated fighter planes to Egypt at a time at which many are saying the country may be unraveling.

Ironically, a year ago the Arab spring occurred. Hundreds of thousands of people gathered in Tahrir square to protest a government that was instituting martial law. Ironically the current President now has instituted martial law and once again the dreaded indefinite intention is threatened to citizens in Egypt.

As the writing expands, many see Egypt descending into chaos. What is President Obama’s response to this? To send them some of the most sophisticated weapons we have: F-16 fighters and Abrams tanks. I think this is particularly unwise, and this legislation will stop it.

I think this is particularly unwise since Egypt is currently governed by a religious zealot, a religious zealot who said recently that ‘Jews were bloodsuckers and descendants of apes and pigs.’ This doesn’t sound like the kind of stable personality we would be sending our most sophisticated weapons to.

I think it is a grave mistake to send F-16s and tanks to a country that detained American citizens on trumped up political charges. On a country that currently is still detaining Egyptian citizens on trumped-up political charges.

I think it is a blunder of the first proportion to send sophisticated weapons to a country that allowed a mob to attack our embassy and to burn our flag. I find it objectionable to send weapons, F-16s and tanks, to a company that allowed a mob chanting “death to America” to threaten our American diplomats.

I am concerned that these weapons, some of the most sophisticated weapons in the world, someday may be used against Israel. I’m concerned that these weapons threaten Israel’s security and that sending weapons to a country with a president who recently was seen to be chanting “amen” to a cleric that was saying “death to Israel and death to those who support Israel.”

I think it’s foolhardy to support and send arms to both sides of an arms race. We send 20 F-16s to Egypt which already has 240 F-16s. We send 20 in addition. What does Israel feel? They’ve got to have two for every one Egypt has. It escalates an arms race. It makes it more difficult for Israel to defend herself.

Today we have a chance to stop this folly. I urge my Senators to instruct the President that we will not send any more F-16s and any more Abrams tanks to the current government of Egypt. Thank you, Mr. President, and I yield back my time.

posted @ Thursday, January 31, 2013 4:01 PM | Feedback (7)

The GOP Fight Ahead: Chuckleheads vs. Knuckleheads

There is a significant fight taking place right now within the GOP. The question is which side and strategy is going to win out? Constitutional conservatives or the moderates? The Tea Party or the establishment types?

It is becoming a titanic struggle between the “Chuckleheads” and the “Knuckleheads?” Let me explain.

As we’ve seen, Tea Party lawmakers are not just going along with the party brass and some more moderate Republicans have resorted to name-calling. In a recent interview, Republican Congressman Steve LaTourette referred to Tea Party members as, “chuckleheads.”

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Well, LaTourette might think Tea Party lawmakers are “chuckleheads” but they probably think many of those moderate members are “knuckleheads.”

Speaker John Boehner knows all about this animosity between the chuckleheads and the knuckleheads. He’s trying to keep the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party happy while at the same time trying to placate the more establishment and moderate wings. Speaker Boehner has his work cut out for him. This is not going to be easy.

Let's start with this: The establishment wing has a point when they say that being pragmatic is important and that Tea Party legislators can’t get everything they want in a deal. It’s true that they have to figure out how to stay true to their principles while being able to actually get things done and legislate effectively. The so-called “chuckleheads” need to take a hard look at how they get this done.

But the larger problem seems to be an establishment wing of the GOP who is more interested in winning elections and keeping their congressional political seat. (Hence the name “knuckleheads”). There's nothing wrong with winning elections. That's how you build a majority party but to what end? To be Democrat-lite? To be an unrecognizable Republican Party that stands for nothing?

That seems to be the larger, more problematic issue. So what's the solution? It's real simple. You win with numbers. Right now this is a race to see which wing is going to fill up the GOP caucus first. Will it be the chuckleheads or the knuckleheads?

posted @ Thursday, January 31, 2013 3:25 PM | Feedback (0)