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Bobby Jindal in 2016? Hmm...

You know who’s going to run for president of the United States?

Bobby Jindal. That’s right. You know it’s true. The Governor of Louisiana has already been very outspoken since the Election about how the GOP has lost its way and now this: an op-ed on birth control. Read a portion below:

"As a conservative Republican, I believe that we have been stupid to let the Democrats demagogue the contraceptives issue and pretend, during debates about health-care insurance, that Republicans are somehow against birth control. It's a disingenuous political argument they make. As an unapologetic pro-life Republican, I also believe that every adult (18 years old and over) who wants contraception should be able to purchase it."

More here.

Folks, this is called political positioning. How much would a Rubio/Jindal or Jindal/Rubio ticket shake up politics and make the Democrats scream “Oy-gevalt!”

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Print     Email to a Friend    posted on Friday, December 14, 2012 11:10 AM

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