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The GOP, Justin Bieber and Hispanics

Excerpt from my monologue on The Glenn Beck Program from Thursday night:

Can the GOP win the White House in 2016? If you listen to the critics, they think the party is too old, too white, too conservative and just too uncool to take the field against those hip, trendy Democrats. Heck, they think Republicans won’t even sniff the White House again until Justin Bieber is nearing retirement age.

If only Justin Bieber were 35 years of age and a conservative, imagine the possibilities for Republicans in 2016. Well, never say never…

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But alas, Bieber is just a teen idol. Instead, the race for 2016 has actually already begun with a smattering of Republicans showing interest. Rick Santorum said this week that he’s open to running again. Sen. Rand Paul says he’s interested, too. Jeb Bush met with some former staffers this week just blocks from the White House and didn’t rule himself out of contention either.

Could you imagine a Bush III sequel? Employees at MSNBC will have to start stockpiling Excedrin and Pepto Bismol if he runs.

Then there’s Marco Rubio. He has already paid a visit to Iowa this month…and Republicans are salivating over his last name. He is not Marco Romney or Marco McCain. Or even Marco Dole. He is Marco Rubio of Cuban dissent. Could he be the guy that leads Republicans back to the Promised Land on Pennsylvania Avenue? After all, the GOP does have a problem reaching Hispanics in this country. Just ask the Romney campaign. It cost them dearly. So maybe Rubio is the olive branch.

But there’s a much bigger issue here. The real question for Rubio and the entire Republican Party is this: How is it possible that the GOP is unable to connect with a Latino community that is full of pro-life, generally social conservative church-going people? It’s a travesty!

Some say the party’s stance on immigration has hurt them and while that’s true that isn’t the real problem. Coming up with a legislative solution to immigration will be helpful. It will get the GOP into the conversation with Hispanics but it’s not a solution.

Furthermore, the answer is not in another “Hispanic Republican Caucus” on Capitol Hill or a “Republican Latinos website.” The answer can be summed up in five words: Blood: Sweat: Tears: Energy: Time. Until the hierarchy of the Republican Party starts making an investment of their time selling conservative ideas inside the Hispanic community, nothing is going to change.

Sen. John Cornyn, the man responsible for trying to get a Republican majority in the Senate, recently said the following in an interview:

“How can we convey…that Republicans actually do care about people of all races, ethnicities, and classes in America?”

Well, Sen. Cornyn, with all due respect, it won’t be done on Capitol Hill. It will be done in the trenches. And that means showing up: showing up in churches, showing up at Cinco de Mayo festivals, and showing up at local meetings within the Hispanic community.

It means listening and selling winning conservative ideas to an increasing important part of the electorate. Is it hard work? You bet it is! Will it pay dividends right away? Probably not, but is this about winning elections or doing the right thing?

Maybe it’s a little bit of both.

Print     Email to a Friend    posted on Friday, November 30, 2012 6:43 AM

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