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Friday, November 30, 2012

Power Players Join The Brody File Show

This week on The Brody File we are joined by Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., who delves into the impact of the fiscal cliff and the Benghazi Embassy investigation.

Also, Pastor Rick Warren joins us to talk about his new "Purpose Driven Life" book as well as his frank words for President Obama.

Plus, the fight over Obamacare is not over. Jenny in the B Block breaks it down.

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Brody File Exclusive: Rand Paul to Visit Israel Next Month

The Brody File just got an exclusive tip about an important trip Sen. Rand Paul is planning to the Middle East.

A top advisor to Rand Paul tells us that the senator will travel to Israel and Jordan for the first time to meet with leaders on all sides of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

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The trip will be privately funded, and The Brody File has learned that Sen. Paul will be accompanied by Christian and Jewish leaders. The trip is planned for January. They will tour all of the major historical and cultural sites.

Meetings with Benjamin Netanyahu, Ehud Barak, Jordan's King Abdullah, Mahmoud Abbas, and others have been requested.

Rand Paul is contemplating running for president in 2016 and so this visit to Israel will raise political eyebrows around the country. The trip is being organized by prominent evangelical activist David Lane. It was Lane who approached Paul about touring Israel.

Among the attendees will be some important evangelical figures from some key early primary states. Tamara Scott, the Iowa Chairwoman for Concerned Women for America will attend. Pastor Brad Sherman, who headed up the Iowa pastors for Huckabee effort in 2008, will be present along with Chad Connelly, the Chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party.

Paul has taken criticism from some who think his desire to cut foreign aid is somehow an anti-Israel position. Evangelicals are the most ardent supporters of Israel and are extremely important in the GOP Primary process.

Paul's visit will be an important one that could pay dividends if he decides to run for The White House in 2016.

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Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio: Dems Worst Nightmare

America…watch out for Ted Cruz. The new Senator from Texas is going to be a major player for years to come. He's a Hispanic Teavangelical. Does it get any better than that?

Read part of an interesting story about him below from Politico:

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Texas Sen.-elect Ted Cruz advised the Republican Party to rebrand itself under a banner of “Opportunity Conservatism” during a sweeping speech Thursday night that will only stoke speculation about a 2016 presidential run.

Speaking before the conservative American Principles Project dinner at a downtown Washington hotel, Cruz said the GOP’s thumping in the 2012 elections was more the result of poor messaging and communication than the wrong ideology.

“Why did we lose? It wasn’t as the media would tell you: because the American people embraced big government, Barack Obama’s spending and debt and taxes. … That wasn’t what happened. I’m going to suggest to you a very simple reason why we lost the election: We didn’t win the argument,” Cruz said before pointedly lowering his voice. “We didn’t even make the argument.”

While the 41-year-old Cuban-American warned that Republicans need not abandon their principles in order to rebound electorally, he did suggest the party should retool its rhetoric on economic and cultural issues.

“We need to embrace what I call ‘Opportunity Conservatism.’ We need to conceptualize, we need to articulate conservative domestic policy with a laser focus on opportunity, on easing the means of ascent up the economic ladder,” he said.

Might Cruz run for POTUS? Don't count him out. Cruz and Marco Rubio. The Democrats worst nightmare come true.

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The GOP, Justin Bieber and Hispanics

Excerpt from my monologue on The Glenn Beck Program from Thursday night:

Can the GOP win the White House in 2016? If you listen to the critics, they think the party is too old, too white, too conservative and just too uncool to take the field against those hip, trendy Democrats. Heck, they think Republicans won’t even sniff the White House again until Justin Bieber is nearing retirement age.

If only Justin Bieber were 35 years of age and a conservative, imagine the possibilities for Republicans in 2016. Well, never say never…

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But alas, Bieber is just a teen idol. Instead, the race for 2016 has actually already begun with a smattering of Republicans showing interest. Rick Santorum said this week that he’s open to running again. Sen. Rand Paul says he’s interested, too. Jeb Bush met with some former staffers this week just blocks from the White House and didn’t rule himself out of contention either.

Could you imagine a Bush III sequel? Employees at MSNBC will have to start stockpiling Excedrin and Pepto Bismol if he runs.

Then there’s Marco Rubio. He has already paid a visit to Iowa this month…and Republicans are salivating over his last name. He is not Marco Romney or Marco McCain. Or even Marco Dole. He is Marco Rubio of Cuban dissent. Could he be the guy that leads Republicans back to the Promised Land on Pennsylvania Avenue? After all, the GOP does have a problem reaching Hispanics in this country. Just ask the Romney campaign. It cost them dearly. So maybe Rubio is the olive branch.

But there’s a much bigger issue here. The real question for Rubio and the entire Republican Party is this: How is it possible that the GOP is unable to connect with a Latino community that is full of pro-life, generally social conservative church-going people? It’s a travesty!

Some say the party’s stance on immigration has hurt them and while that’s true that isn’t the real problem. Coming up with a legislative solution to immigration will be helpful. It will get the GOP into the conversation with Hispanics but it’s not a solution.

Furthermore, the answer is not in another “Hispanic Republican Caucus” on Capitol Hill or a “Republican Latinos website.” The answer can be summed up in five words: Blood: Sweat: Tears: Energy: Time. Until the hierarchy of the Republican Party starts making an investment of their time selling conservative ideas inside the Hispanic community, nothing is going to change.

Sen. John Cornyn, the man responsible for trying to get a Republican majority in the Senate, recently said the following in an interview:

“How can we convey…that Republicans actually do care about people of all races, ethnicities, and classes in America?”

Well, Sen. Cornyn, with all due respect, it won’t be done on Capitol Hill. It will be done in the trenches. And that means showing up: showing up in churches, showing up at Cinco de Mayo festivals, and showing up at local meetings within the Hispanic community.

It means listening and selling winning conservative ideas to an increasing important part of the electorate. Is it hard work? You bet it is! Will it pay dividends right away? Probably not, but is this about winning elections or doing the right thing?

Maybe it’s a little bit of both.

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