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New Radio Ad: 'Under President Obama, Faith Is Under Attack'

“Under Obama, faith is under attack.”

That’s the message in some new radio ads that have just gone up in the battleground states of Ohio and Iowa. The group behind it is the Campaign for American Values, an organization headed by influential conservative activist Gary Bauer.

Watch one of the ads below.

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This and other ads will soon begin running in even more battleground states.

Look, Gary Bauer’ group is socially conservative and they understand something very important. They know that President Obama’s economic message actually may appeal to Independents and Reagan Democrats (read: social conservative leaning Democrats), so the way to get them into Romney’s camp in November is to make the appeal on cultural issues.

In other words, they’re making a play for the ‘cling to guns and religion’ folks. That’s why these ads hit Obama on the removal of God from the Democrats party platform, on eliminating National Day of Prayer services at The White House, and removing the word “Creator” from many speeches he gave when citing the Declaration of Independence.

It very well could be a winning ticket for Romney.

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