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Todd Akin and Mike Huckabee: BFF's

Todd Akin, you have a friend. His name is Mike Huckabee. Here is Huckabee’s email to his supporters on the Akin situation:

The deadline came and went on Tuesday for Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin to drop out over an incorrect comment he made about rape. The Republican establishment put unprecedented and intense pressure on Todd to quit, including five current and past Missouri Senators. But in an exclusive interview on my radio show, Akin said he’s “in this race to the end.” He said he admitted he misspoke and that his statement was not accurate, but he’d sincerely apologized.

The Party’s leaders have for reasons that aren't rational, left him behind on the political battlefield, wounded and bleeding, a casualty of his self-inflicted, but not intentional wound. In a Party that supposedly stands for life, it was tragic to see the carefully orchestrated and systematic attack on a fellow Republican. Not for a moral failure or corruption or a criminal act, but for a misstatement which he contritely and utterly repudiated. I was shocked by GOP leaders and elected officials who rushed so quickly to end the political life of a candidate over a mistaken comment in an interview. This was a serious mistake, but it was blown out of proportion not by the left, but by Akin's own Republican Party. Is this what the party really thinks of principled pro-life advocates? Do we forgive and forget the verbal gaffes of Republicans who are "conveniently pro-life" for political advantage, but crucify one who truly believes that every life is sacred?

Who ordered this "Code Red" on Akin? There were talking point memos sent from the National Republican Senatorial Committee suggesting language to urge Akin to drop out. Political consultants were ordered to stay away from Akin or lose future business with GOP committees. Operatives were recruited to set up a network of pastors to call Akin to urge him to get out. Money has changed hands to push him off the plank. It is disgraceful. From the spotlights of political offices and media perches, it may appear that the demand for Akin’s head is universal in the party. I assure you it is not. There is a vast, but mostly quiet army of people who have an innate sense of fairness and don't like to see a fellow political pilgrim bullied. If Todd Akin loses the Senate seat, I will not blame Todd Akin. He made his mistake, but was man enough to admit it and apologize. I'm waiting for the apology from whoever the genius was on the high pedestals of our party who thought it wise to not only shoot our wounded, but run over him with tanks and trucks and then feed his body to the liberal wolves. It wasn't just Todd Akin that was treated with contempt by the thinly veiled attack on Todd Akin. It was all the people who have faithfully knocked doors, made calls, and made sacrificial contributions to elect Republicans because we thought we were welcome in the party. Todd Akin owned his mistake. Who will step up and admit the effort being made to discredit Akin and apologize for the sleazy way it's been handled?

I’ve always believed and still do, that if you don’t honor your friendships, you don’t honor yourself. And I consider Todd a friend. So I will join Todd as often as I can, in his fight for our Party’s pro-life policies, traditional marriage and our efforts to rein in the massive expansion of government under President Obama. Todd is being systematically scourged for one thing he said. Is that more important than what Claire McCaskill has DONE over her 6 years in the Senate? If you’d like to join the fight, and help defeat a Democrat Senator standing in the way of a conservative majority, I encourage you to join me. The party has decided it won't help. In fact, it has decided that it will try to cut off the supply lines to Akin to pressure him to exit and let the party bosses overturn the voters of Missouri and pick their own candidate. If this can happen to Todd Akin, who is next?

I’ve heard the talk of new deadlines and the nonsense about the Republican Party running a 3rd party candidate, but I am no longer listening to that noise. The idea that our Party would continue to play games behind the scenes and feed the Democrats make-believe narrative of the GOP’s fictional war on women is equally ridiculous. Now is the time to focus on electing a conservative Senate Majority. And if the NRSC and RNC and the money-rich PACS won't help Todd Akin get us to the majority, then we'll do it without them. And his seat will not have been sold to the highest bidder, but obtained by the highest principles.

Huckabee makes some great points. Why aren’t the Republican leaders saying hey, he made a mistake and then start to turn it on the Democrats and the media for going overboard?

They have been sucked in and become so paranoid about the so-called GOP war on women that sacrificing Akin was more important than anything else. If the GOP continues this piling on trend they will start to really frustrate very conservative pro-life Republicans who they will need in the fall.

Print     Email to a Friend    posted on Friday, August 24, 2012 6:52 AM

Comments on this post

# RE: Todd Akin and Mike Huckabee: BFF's

Todd Akin has joined a list of fools with his rape remark.
The list is short but it has all members from my party!
First on the list is O'DONNELL: I dabbled into witchcraft!
Next is Nevada Senate nominee Sharron Angle who said Americans might have to “fight for their liberty in more Second Amendment kind of ways”!
In 2010 we Republicans gave away a Senate we had won but our nominees running their yappers.
Running their yappers before even thinking of using the brain God gave them!
One would think we might have learned from 2010, sadly we haven't GOOD GOING TODD WITH PEOPLE LIKE YOU THE DEMOCRATS DON'T HAVE A THING TO WORRY ABOUT! Little wonder they call us "the party of stupid" Your mouth moved your state from a Republican pick up to a Democrat save. I hope the people of your state will remember you for a very long time. Your to stupid to lead.
Left by Tom on Aug 24, 2012 12:32 PM

# RE: Todd Akin and Mike Huckabee: BFF's

YAY Mike Huckabee And you David for sharing this!!! Ive been waiting for someone with a voice in the media to say that.
Left by kelly on Aug 24, 2012 12:38 PM

# RE: Todd Akin and Mike Huckabee: BFF's

I agree with Gov. Huckabee's statement. If anyone should get out for the gaffs it should be Joe Biden. He's continually putting his foot in his mouth. Yes, the GOP has overreacted to this issue. Stay in the race Todd!
Left by KellieC on Aug 24, 2012 5:08 PM

# RE: Todd Akin and Mike Huckabee: BFF's

You laugh about the term "legitmate rape," but if the world was not so politically correct regarding woman's issues you would remember the term "statutory rape." This may not involve any force and would in some circumstances be considered consensual except for the "victim's" age, disability, or drug or alcohol use. It is not the violent act that one usually considers rape to be, hence is not an the kind of sexual assault that would traumatize the body in the way Akin described.
Secondly, I wonder who Huckabee refers to as "Republicans who are 'conveniently pro-life' for political advantage?" If people still don't trust Romney, I think his problem is not so much that, as a devout pro-life Mormon, his opinion about abortion changed as much as his desire to keep his own personal faith separate from his governance in a Democratic State like Massachusetts.
Left by ges on Aug 24, 2012 9:24 PM

# RE: Todd Akin and Mike Huckabee: BFF's

We are reminded that what we say reveals what is in our hearts. What kinds of words come from your mouth is an indication of what your heart is really like. You can't solve your heart problem, however, just by cleaning up your speech. You must allow Holy Spirit to fill you with new attitudes and motives; then your speech will reveal your love and respect for one another.

If we don't speak out against unrighteousness then injustice will reign. By doing nothing, we actually vote for unrighteousness. We need to do something! Clearly the choice is ours!

Left by Rugged Faith on Aug 25, 2012 12:32 AM

# RE: Todd Akin and Mike Huckabee: BFF's

I DO agree with Huckabee.

We need to remember what is at stake.
The MOST important aspect of this Presidential Election, is the Supreme & Federal Courts!

We need as many Republican Senate members as possible, to DEFEND/VOTE our Judeo Christian values. With confirming/denying court picks.

Remember this:

1. Justice Scalia just turned 78
2. Justice Kennedy will turn 78 later this year
3. Justice Breyer will be 76 in August
4. Justice Ginsburg turned 81 about a week ago. In addition, Justice Ginsburg is reportedly quite ill.
5. Justice Stephens has already said he would retire and is just waiting for Obama to be reelected.

The next president could appoint as many as 5 new Justices over the next four years.

This election is about much more than the ObamaCare Tax.

Whomever we elect as president in November is almost certainly going to choose hundreds of other life-tenured federal judges, all of whom will be making momentous decisions about our lives for decades to come."

Left by Chris on Sep 02, 2012 2:28 AM