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Mitt Romney's 'Taxing' Problem On Obamacare

Mitt Romney is in danger of losing his footing on the healthcare issue. The mainstream media (and some conservative media, too) will be relentless on him until he can somehow come up with a coherent answer to this question: “Is the individual mandate in Obamacare a tax?”

Right now it appears Romney is trying to have it both ways. In an interview with CBS News, he argues that because the Supreme Court ruled that it was a tax then it’s a tax. End of story.

Well, not really. Romney goes on to say that he actually agreed with the dissent opinion, which of course says its not a tax. Even his senior advisor Eric Fehrnstrom has said that it is not a tax.

So is it a tax or not? Basically what Romney is really saying (but isn’t saying with these words) is that he doesn’t think it’s a tax but it’s a tax because the Supreme Court says it’s a tax.

Huh? So let me get this straight. Principally, he doesn’t believe it’s really a tax since he agrees with the high court’s dissenting opinion that it is not one and the fact that he administered a similar individual mandate in Massachusetts, which he all along called a “penalty” not a tax. But when he hits the campaign trail, he will call it a tax and say Obama broke his promise not to raise taxes on middle income Americans.

It seems he’s trying to have it both ways and argue both sides of this. That’s not a good place for Romney to be in considering he has a trust issue with the base to begin with and has already been labeled a flip flopper by the mainstream media.

Romney didn’t want to call his individual mandate in Massachusetts a tax because (let’s be honest) calling it a penalty sounds far better in “political speak” than a tax. Plus, Romney really does believe it is a penalty not a tax.

With that being the case, it comes across as inauthentic to now say that same type of individual mandate is a tax just because the Supreme Court says it’s so and it’s not even an opinion he agrees with in the first place?! Oy-gevalt.

So what’s the best course of action? It may be to simply get rid of the semantics here and choose new wording. Forget getting caught up in whether it’s a tax or a penalty because ultimately, Romney could argue it is a (get ready for the new terminology) “new financial burden” that President Obama has slapped on Americans. It may be Romney’s only option.

It makes you wonder if Rick Santorum was on to something when he said it would be a mistake to nominate Romney because it makes arguing the healthcare issue extremely difficult.

You think President Obama will be ready with a few good one-liners for the fall debates? You betcha.

Print     Email to a Friend    posted on Thursday, July 05, 2012 7:41 AM

Comments on this post

# RE: Mitt Romney's 'Taxing' Problem On Obamacare

thank you for kinda vetting romney, No one in the conservative media will question him because of fear that "we'll lose "to obama.Well theres more than one way to lose. But to say he's about to lose his footing, David, he never had it on this issue more than any other and yea Rick S was right all along about that and he's not the only one who said that. Obama care was the BIG issue in this election every one and his dog said that and knew that Romneycare was his biggest hinderence to going against b.o.(that and nobody liked him)Yet this is the guy "they" choose for us. I didnt pick him because by the time my state voted he had allready bullied every one else out of the process. So I stayed home!so basicly you're saying He is being creativly dishonest. Great been there already doing that. Its really not to late to do the right thing. I'm praying tha GOD will raise up a rightous leader. Dont laugh, He is able. read his book!
Left by kelly on Jul 05, 2012 1:07 PM

# RE: Mitt Romney's 'Taxing' Problem On Obamacare

Good old "etch a sketch" will figure out a way to flip.Can't figure out for the life of tme why the Repubs let their best candidate (Huntsman) get away. Guess he was too "moderate" for them.But guess what they are getting now? Barack Romney 2012!
Left by tarheel on Jul 06, 2012 12:52 AM

# RE: Mitt Romney's 'Taxing' Problem On Obamacare

No taxation without representation. No taxation without representation. No taxation without representation. No taxation without representation. No taxation without representation. No taxation without representation. No taxation without representation. No taxation without representation. No taxation without representation. No taxation without representation.
Left by JJ on Jul 07, 2012 5:09 AM

# RE: Mitt Romney's 'Taxing' Problem On Obamacare

We have representation but the trouble is that our representation votes their own thinking and not that of the ones they represent. If you vote for the President we will end up with more debt than we have now. This country can't survive more debt. You can't run a country with only 1/2 paying taxes while the other 1/2 is not. We have more people now on food stamps than at any other time.
Left by KellieC on Jul 10, 2012 12:29 PM