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Exclusive: Sen. Lugar to Brody File: Richard Mourdock 'Does Not Have the Qualifications to be a Senator'

In an exclusive interview with The Brody File, Sen. Richard Lugar says his GOP Primary opponent Richard Mourdock, “does not have the qualifications to be a senator.”

As for the national Tea Party type groups that are trying to oust him, Lugar says, “Indiana unfortunately has become either the battleground or the playground, depending upon how you look at it for outside people who want to prove that they have clout.”

My sit-down interview with Lugar took place last Thursday afternoon in his Capitol Hill office. We will be releasing more clips throughout the afternoon.

The Brody File also interviewed Richard Mourdock out in Indiana and those clips will be released shortly. A full report can be seen on "The 700 Club" next Monday, May 7.

Lugar is in the fight of his political life to retain his Senate seat. He’s been a senator for 36 years and long time incumbents are definitely in the danger zone in this Tea Party type political climate. His reputation (fair or unfair) as a moderate doesn’t help either. Freedom Works and Club for Growth are working overtime to try and defeat him.

Mandatory Courtesy: CBN News/The Brody File

David Brody: What is the big difference between you and Richard Mourdock? And why don't you think Richard Mourdock may be suited to take your job so to speak?

Sen. Richard Lugar: Well, let me just say, frankly, that my opponent does not have the qualifications to be a senator because he simply has not done the homework that's required to be effective - whether it be on the jobs issue, the economic issues, international issues, whatever they may be. This takes time and effort, and a good staff can be very helpful if you have not done the homework yourself, but our campaign unfortunately has not been one in which we have discussed, really, propositions for jobs or economic security or creation of new opportunities, or problems of America abroad, threats that we face from the rest of the world.

Unfortunately, the campaign has been largely dictated by so-called outside interests. By that, I mean very large contributions from organizations that have come into Indiana with millions of dollars, have run negative ads. Long before my opponent was designated as the nominee, Club for Growth, for example, was running $180,000 worth of negative ads, loosening up the terrain.

Indiana unfortunately has become either the battleground or the playground, depending upon how you look at it for outside people who want to prove that they have clout. And it doesn't matter what might be their calling, they're trying to prove that, I presume, so that the leaders of those movements can prove to all the people that give money to them that they have some clout.

And there are not too many places to do this. Orrin Hatch's race out in Utah, for a while but nevertheless. Maybe Dean Heller out in Nevada in due course but that primary is six months away. So, unfortunately, that has concentrated all of the attention of the players on Indiana, and that is much of the campaign that most people see.

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Comments on this post

# RE: Exclusive: Senator Lugar to Brody File: Richard Mourdock "Does Not Have The Qualifications To Be A Senator"

Wow, what an intersting perspective Senator Lugar has!

He says PACs are running negative ads about him when they simply cite Mr. Lugar's record and say that he is not a conservative. And, sir, you didn't mention anything about the money you are receiving from "Young Guns". How ironic all the way around.

And what about Mr. Lugar's ads that he approves? They claim things that aren't true that Mr. Mourdock has had to address in ads of his own.

So, let's talk about who is running negative ads.... those who talk about your record, Mr. Lugar, or someone who tries to assassinate a man's character even if he has to lie to do it?

I wholeheartedly disagree with you that Mr. Mourdock doesn't have the qualifications to be Senator. He has Constitutional qualifications and he has outlined where he stands on the issues. And in my opinion, he better qualifies for the office and will receive my vote on May 8th.
Left by Layne S on May 01, 2012 9:38 AM

# RE: Exclusive: Sen. Lugar to Brody File: Richard Mourdock 'Does Not Have the Qualifications to be a Senator'

As a Hoosier I am appalled at those blindly supporting Lugar, the Obamanation's (www.obamanation.com) favorite GOP senator. If he weren't so deceitful he'd change parties and openly whore for Dems like Jefford & Specter did, whereas now his it's in secret. Notice RINO McCain supports him whereas Palin supports Mourdock, so that tells you what a fraud Lugar is. There's also the little matter of him skirting Indiana law and saying nothing about it. Like Chicago's head crook Immanuel, he doesn't legally satisfy the residency requirements because he REALLY lives in DC, not IN, like a lot of the Beltway scum, no matter the spin like for Immanuel whereby all that matters is getting the desired result, regardless of how many laws are broken. This is what our godless lawless fascist nation has come to, and not a few professing "christians" are oblivious to fearing God in this matter re antiChrist cultist Mitt (see www.renewamerica.com & www.utlm.org), Biblically illiterate. God save us.
Left by Russ D on May 01, 2012 1:09 PM

# Exclusive: Sen. Lugar to Brody File: Richard Mourdock 'Does Not Have the Qualifications to be a Senator'

Mr. Lugar sure is desperate to paint himself as the conservative he isn't & has not been for quite a while.
I am a Regent University Grad('03). I am one of Mourdocks 5 Field Directors. My value and love for God in Gov't came from Regent. I can tell you from living here in Indiana; visiting & talking to 1/5 of the county GOP chairs & many fellow Hoosiers across the state & my territory, that Lugar is NOT the conservative he paints himself to be nor does he come close to holding the values that Regent does. He hasn't even lived here since '77. He hasn't visited many of our counties in 7-12 years. Also Lugars main PAC withdrew from him this past week...
I also have spent time w/ legislators & out on the House floor. I know what who Lugar is not & who he really is. MANY if not most all R legislators are Mourdock supporters realizing Lugar is no longer what is best for our state nor is the conservative he professes. Mourdock KNOWS the issues, is more competent & is a true man of principle.
Left by Regent Suzy on May 01, 2012 10:15 PM