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Exclusive: Scott Walker on Recall: 'God's Got a Plan'

In an exclusive interview with The Brody File, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says prayer has gotten him and his family through this recall effort and that God has it all under control.

“All this is just a temporary thing and God's got a plan for us," Walker tells us. Could that lead to even bigger things beyond being Governor of Wisconsin? “Who knows where it might be, beyond just serving as Governor of this state.”

The Brody File spoke with Gov. Walker at his executive residence in Madison, Wis., this past Sunday afternoon for about an hour. We are releasing a few of the video clips from the interview. More will be released on "The Brody File Show" later this week and a full story will air on "The 700 Club" in the next couple weeks.

Mandatory Courtesy: CBN News/The Brody File.

Watch his comments below with the full transcription.

Walker 2:

David Brody: Where does God fit into all of this, because as a "PK" (Preachers Kid) as you called yourself earlier, look, there's got to be peace there, at the root of all of this for you.

Gov. Scott Walker: Oh, absolutely. People ask all the time, to Tonette (his wife) and I, how do you get through this? It's just really prayer. It's the prayers that we have as a family, that we have individually, and the prayers that people tell us about. And those that we don't even hear about, but we feel people all around our state and really all around the country, that people go out of their way to lift us up, and it's just, it has been so amazing to us. And really as a family, I think it has made us stronger.

We realize that all this is just a temporary thing and God's got a plan for us that, who knows where it might be, beyond just serving as governor of this state. But if we stay true to that, there's always comfort. And God's grace is always abundant no matter what you do, and it's just every step of the way.

In fact our Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch, she asked me about this the other day, she's just been spectacular as well. She asked me, she said, 'Scott, do you feel like you're living your faith strong enough?' She was asking me about this on a trip we were on. And I said, 'Yeah.'

The interesting thing is for me, it's not just about going out and quoting scripture, it's in how you live. And what I've tried to do over this past year is even at the moments of the peak of the attacks and the incivility and everything else, to make sure what I did was calm, it was reasoned, and that I was responding in kind.

Print     Email to a Friend    posted on Wednesday, April 04, 2012 4:28 PM

Comments on this post

# RE: Exclusive: Scott Walker on Recall: "God's Got A Plan"

I can understand moderating, but I hope it is not to censor the Truth. I have been a longtime supporter of CBN and to be honest, the 700 Club has gotten me through a lot (through God). I love the 700 Club and I am hoping that longheld love does not diminish now.

I live in Wisconsin. I have been a part of all of Walker's division and lies. When I saw this article, I was appalled that you would promote this and his type. Have you really gone to the dark side? You will know them by their fruit. Well, there is no fruit here. It all dried up when Walker took office. When the lies began. When the coverups and manipulation of state laws began. When the out of state corporate money started coming in. When the John Doe investigations began around a corrupt Scott Walker's staff while County Exec. It goes on and on. Yet, you promote this. Your involvement in the promotion of Walker, leads me to believe you too are now part of the problem. When he is arrested, you will then have egg on your face.
Left by Titus Leviticus on Apr 05, 2012 8:38 AM

# RE: Exclusive: Scott Walker on Recall: "God's Got A Plan"

God silenced you and this video. Your audio is not working and for good reason! This message is wrong on many levels. What I get from the article and being from Wisconsin is that all one has to do to get onto CBN is say they pray (or perhaps have ties with ALEC). Now, I will not say that Walker et al, does not pray, but I will say he is not like the Jesus I know nor does he follow his teachings. Please end the hypocrisy. May God have mercy on us all if even those we love are duped by the lies and corruption. God's got a plan alright. He's coming back and I sure hope the LORD knows you and I sure hope He knows me. I have faith for myself and my faith and knowing aligns with the teaching of Jesus. How about you and Walker? Thank God for silencing this man.
Left by Titus Leviticus on Apr 05, 2012 9:39 AM

# RE: Exclusive: Scott Walker on Recall: "God's Got A Plan"

Scott will be "walking" very soon.
Left by shabach on Apr 05, 2012 9:43 PM

# RE: Exclusive: Scott Walker on Recall: "God's Got A Plan"

I also live in Wisconsin, and am surprised by the previous comments. Scriptures say we will be known as Christians by the way we love one another, and the meanness implied by the comments does not reflect well on believers who may disagree with Scott's policies. I am thankful to have leadership in the state of Wisconsin who acknowleges the Lord as Lord and who is willing to take a difficult stand on issues. He deserves our prayers no matter what our personal views are. He is an appointed leader of this state, and we know that God is the One who places leadership in their position. Why wouldn't we as believers be thankful to have leadership who call on the Lord to help them? Or is it really more important that we have ungodly leaders that set policy in place that most helps our pocketbooks?
Left by FamilyWise on Apr 06, 2012 12:33 PM

# RE: Exclusive: Scott Walker on Recall: "God's Got A Plan"

Wow. Vote as you see fit, but please don't make your judgement on one's personal character public, lest you fail to see the plank in your own eye. I'm grateful for every report & interview. There have always been politicians I don't agree with - but I pray for them... Take it up with God. Lift them to His throne. And leave it in His hands! Do you seriously hate this man so much that you would rather he didn't pray and seek God's plan for His life???
Left by MNdisciple on Apr 06, 2012 8:54 PM

# RE: Exclusive: Scott Walker on Recall: "God's Got A Plan"

Wow - the anti-Walker posts are alarming. Any true follower of Christ would not post these lies about Governor Walker. This site has been infiltrated by the hateful anti-Walker crowd. Do not be fooled by their hate. The newspapers in Wisconsin are also infiltrated by Walker haters...beware, CBN! Wake up, America, to the union members who have become radical towards a politician who does not govern the way they expect, despite the will of the majority who elected Gov. Walker.
Left by AnnaTee on Apr 07, 2012 1:29 AM