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Romney Wins Illinois: Brody File Yawns

I know for a fact this primary season is now officially dragging along when I asked myself the following question Tuesday night: Should I watch John King at the CNN delegate wall or should I watch NCIS on CBS?

It has come to that.

Unless Rick Santorum can win in a state that Romney is expected to win in then, this race seems close to over. Santorum and Gingrich may potentially prevent Romney from getting to 1,144 delegates but that’s only half the battle. They also need to make a convincing case that they should be the nominee. Beating Romney in New Jersey or California would send a strong signal in that direction, though that doesn’t seem likely to happen.

The bottom line question is this: Where is Santorum’s game changing moment? He’ll probably win Louisiana and if he wins Wisconsin, that will be a mini-tremor. But after that the primary calendar looks extremely daunting for him.

As for Romney, the guy and his campaign are a machine. But let me remind everyone about something very important. Romney has NOT courted evangelicals and the Tea Party, yet he’s winning the primary battle. It hasn’t hurt him because both groups are split among different candidates.

But in the General Election, the Romney campaign should NOT take evangelicals for granted. Sure many of those evangelical supporters of Santorum and Gingrich will hold their nose and vote for Romney, but they probably won’t bring an evangelical friend and won’t organize for him either. Romney will need evangelical and Tea Party fervor in the fall campaign if he makes it there, but there’s NO guarantee that they will be there for him in droves.

That’s what happens when you virtually ignore them. He’s not paying attention to them now and in the fall they may return the favor. The General Election will probably be a close one and won at the margins. A standard evangelical turnout won’t do the trick for Romney. He needs them to turn out in spades.

Print     Email to a Friend    posted on Wednesday, March 21, 2012 8:28 AM

Comments on this post

# RE: Romney Wins Illinois: Brody File Yawns

This is one Christian who will not vote for Romney. I am believing God will do a miracle for us and put a true believer in the WH, one who does not worship the Mormon Jesus. People have to vote their values and not their wallet. If they vote their values God can do the rest and take care of our wallets. We may not agree with the contraception views of Santroum but a least we believe in the same Jesus.
Left by KellieC on Mar 21, 2012 12:21 PM

# RE: Romney Wins Illinois: Brody File Yawns

I think your right David.People are looking for a rock star type that doesnt exist and if they did would probably be faking it thats apparently how to get elected. If Ronald Reagon were running he wouldnt be good enough. Any one who would excite us wont put themselves thru the meat grinder of this prosess.
The problem is teaparty/evangelical types are principled and stuborn and in the past have set out important elections thats how Nancy P became speaker of the house. A leading evangelical said in 2008 he wasnt going to vote. Probably influencing others to do the same.
I believe know one can call this election.Expect the unexpected!
Pray for Gods perfect will to be done and Vote!
Left by kelly on Mar 21, 2012 12:30 PM

# RE: Romney Wins Illinois: Brody File Yawns

I wonder Mr. Brody- has any evangelical Nominee gone to the Mormon community to "court" them for their vote? If not, why not? You seem to have a different standard for President based on their religion. Mr Romney has repeatedly said he will govern based on the Constitution, not his faith. Why do Evangelicals think he is lying? Why do they need from Mr. Romney alone more proof? As an American, I find the above questions and the implied answers disturbing. In Utah, if a mormon voter had the same view about an Evangelical, they would rightly ridiculed as a poor American.
Left by drballard on Mar 21, 2012 4:47 PM