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Exclusive: Iowa Pastors Say Michele Bachmann Is 'Biblically Qualified' to be President, Only Choice for Conservative Christians

By Dana Ritter, Brody File Producer:

At a media availability in just moments at the State Capitol in Des Moines, Iowa, a group of about 25 pastors will get behind Rep. Michele Bachmann.

A campaign release, leaked early to The Brody File, says the group of pastors and faith community leaders will say Bachmann is a "biblically qualified, capable, no-compromise" leader.

The pastors include Brad Sherman of Coralville, Brad Cranston of Burlington, Michael Demastus of Des Moines, Matt Floyd of Osceola, Bill Tvedt of Oskaloosa, Richard Kessler of Richland, Jamie Strickler of Fairfield, and Bernie Hays of Cedar Rapids.

The group also includes Tamara Scott of Norwalk, and former state Rep. Danny Carroll of Grinnell.

In the release, Pastor Matt Floyd said, "The Scriptures make it clear that we should choose leaders who fear God, are capable, trustworthy and keep his commandments. Michele Bachmann does exactly that."

And Tamara Scott said, “We’ve longed for a candidate who wouldn’t compromise on liberty, morality, or national sovereignty. We now have one, only one, and it’s time we support her. Christians understand our duty is to vote virtue and leave the results to God.   Thankfully, the Davids and Gideons of the Bible didn’t look to pollsters or pundits for their success and neither should we.”

Some members of this group will tour the state over the next three days.

A little bit of Brody File background information for you:  Matt Floyd is the Pastor at Calvary Bible Church in Osceola. Michele Bachmann spoke to his church on a Sunday morning in October.

Tamara Scott is the Iowa state director of Concerned Women for America. She's also a homeschool mom who is very active in that community.

If Iowa is all about the evangelical votes and the strength of organization, this may very well be exactly the kind of force Michele Bachmann wants to show she has going into the Iowa Caucuses.

So, 25 pastors hurraying for her might not seem like a big deal on it's face, but remember what it shows - her people are in the trenches.

Print     Email to a Friend    posted on Tuesday, December 13, 2011 11:03 AM

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