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Sarah Palin and The Brody File One-On-One at Iowa State Fair

Sarah Palin came over and agreed to do a one-on-one interview with me at the Iowa State Fair Friday afternoon. Just her and me.

This took place during her private lunch reception. I asked her to come over and talk with me and she did.

The transcription and videos are below.

Sarah Palin on the criticism that her appearance in Iowa is upstaging the presidential candidates that are gathered here:


Palin: Those type of false accusations I'll again ignore them and repeat the truth, and that is, as part of our One Nation Tour, it's great to get to be here with grateful acceptance to visit the Iowa State Fair.


I think that some folks could, critics could write a story saying that I snubbed Iowa if we didn't come to the State Fair this year. So, I'm very thankful to accept the invitation extremely happy to be here.

Palin on whether she’s going to run for president:

Palin: There is still a lot of contemplation that goes on within a family, deciding whether to engage in such a life-changing venture, putting yourself forward in the name of service, in such a position as President of the United States. So, we're still thinking about it, and the impact on family.

Family comes first in my life, and I just don't want to adversely affect the family. So, we're still talking about it, thinking about it. And that's what I want supporters to understand.

At the same time, I want to be very fair to supporters and not keep them hanging on in perpetuity. It's fair to them to give them an answer here, in short order, so that they can jump on board with someone else, and/or to decide for themselves what they want to do. So, still haven't made up my mind, haven't decided when that announcement would be yet.

David Brody: Is that short order by the end of September? October?

Palin: I think that that is a fair timeline for people, because Fall time, they can start getting engaged with different campaigns, but still thinking about it, and really, really desiring to be a participant in the positive change that needs to happen in this country.

Economy getting back on the right track. Jobs created for Americans. I want to be a part of that, whether it be as a candidate, or as a supporter of the right candidate. I'm still in that decision making phase.

Sarah Palin on the Iowa State Fair Food:

Brody: The most important question: Are you going to have fried butter on a stick?

Palin: I cannot wait to go get my fried butter on a stick, and fried cheesecake on a stick and…Twinkies, especially in honor of those who would rather just be forced to eat our peas. I cannot wait to go down by the food court.

Print     Email to a Friend    posted on Friday, August 12, 2011 5:13 PM

Comments on this post

# RE: Sarah Palin and The Brody File: Iowa State Fair

Did anyone SEE her eat fried butter on a stick? Or was it just another opportunity to bash an Obama?


Making the claim of wanting to eat the fried butter without the follow-through is misleading. Some might say she used fried butter on a stick as a propaganda tool tailored to her agenda - to bash a sitting presidents SPOUSE. Yes, Michelle Obama encourages healthy eating.

BUT: did you know that Palin as Governor of the state of Alaska, her "State of the Union" address on January 22, 2009 ALSO said people SHOULD eat healthier:

"... we have alarming levels of heart disease, diabetes, CHILDHOOD OBESITY – and all of these maladies are on the rise. Now, I won’t stand here and lecture – for very long – but health care reform on an individual basis is often just this simple: we could save a lot of money, and a lot of grief, by making smarter choices...".

http://community.adn.com/adn/node/137075#ixzz14usMRaIw halfway down the page.

WWJD? Words have consequences...
Left by KatieAnnieOakley on Aug 13, 2011 3:48 PM

# RE: Sarah Palin and The Brody File One-On-One at Iowa State Fair

Governor Palin’s Appearance on “Hannity” at the Iowa State Fair on August 12, 2011
Posted on August 12, 2011



http://video.foxnews.com/v/1108400189001/whos-the-gop-frontrunner/ part -3

You can see people love this women and will vote her for President.
Sarah Palin has draw like no other. If she runs it will be a "bonanza for the media".
Ck out her VP debate between her and Biden ~ It set a record for the most viewed ever.
The count was almost 85 million viewers including PBS
She had to keep defending McCain for most of the debate. Had she told of her record and accomplishments in her 20 years in public service, instead a push it would been a big win...

Watch the debate between her and Biden to see what a debate between Palin and Obama would look like ~ Watch it here; http://www.c-spanvideo.org/program/VicePresident
Left by Rocko on Aug 22, 2011 11:33 PM