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Michele Bachmann to Brody File: Romney Not Signing Pro-Life Pledge Is 'Troubling'

In a one-on-one exclusive sit-down interview with The Brody File, GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann says Mitt Romney’s decision not sign a recent pro-life pledge is “troubling and I think that he should have signed the pledge.”

The Brody File interviewed Bachmann in Waterloo, Iowa, Sunday evening before her big campaign announcement in her hometown.

Watch her answer below along with the full transcription:  (The Brody File is in Pella, Iowa, Tuesday for the Palin movie debut)

David Brody: Mitt Romney. You’re a straight shooter, that’s part of what draws some people to you. Does he have an authenticity problem?

Michele Bachmann: This last weekend there was a National Right to Life Committee Convention and I had signed, happily, the Susan B. Anthony List pledge regarding being pro-life as president of the United States. I had issued a statement saying that I believed that all Republican candidates should sign that statement. Our party platform is pro-life, and I believe that our president also needs to be pro-life.

Brody: And he didn’t. So therefore, what is your takeaway from that?

Bachmann: Well, I think particularly now, Governor Romney has stated that he is pro-life, I take him at his word but, he’s had some issues with that in his past, where he has taken various positions. This was a wonderful opportunity to sign the pledge and demonstrate that he’s pro-life. He chose not to. I think that’s troubling and I think that he should have signed the pledge.

Brody: That raises a question in your mind, and in potentially voters minds?

Michele Bachmann: I think that the voters will have to take a look at this. I know for me, it’s very troubling. And I called on the Governor to sign the pledge because after all you can get a lot of things wrong; one thing that you cannot get wrong is the issue of life. That is a foundational issue in our nation and I think it’s important that our candidate for the presidency stand for life.

Print     Email to a Friend    posted on Tuesday, June 28, 2011 12:12 AM

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# RE: Michele Bachmann to Brody File: Romney Not Signing Pro-Life Pledge Is "Troubling"

I do not understand how as one who claims to be a pro-life Christian Michele Bachmann can support torture. I hope someone, some day, will ask her about this.

Tea Party Queen Michelle Bachmann Joins Pro-Torture Crowd, Says Bush Just Did “What We Would Expect Him To Do”


John Lofton, Editor, TheAmericanView.com
Communications Director, Institute On The Constitution
Recovering Republican
Left by TruthTeller on Jun 28, 2011 11:49 AM

# RE: Michele Bachmann to Brody File: Romney Not Signing Pro-Life Pledge Is 'Troubling'

Michele Bachmann supports torture? What kind? God supports a burning hell, an eternal damnation for those who have not excepted Christ as Lord and Savior.

I'd rather face Bachmann for sinning against God than God Himself any day.
Left by Lorraine on Jul 05, 2011 12:41 AM