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Brody File Talks to Ovide Lamontagne About Mitt Romney

Ovide Lamontagne, a key conservative in New Hampshire whose endorsement will be important in the GOP Primary race, says Mitt Romney needs to explain his federal approach to healthcare.

Lamontagne sat down with me for The Brody File show. I am releasing the clip where he talks about Romney's chances in New Hampshire.


That video is below along with a PARTIAL transcription. Please watch the entire clip to get the full transcription.

Clips from the interview where he talks about the other presidential candidates will be posted next week.

Partial Transcription: ( I ask him if Romney can get past the Massachusetts healthcare issue)

Ovide Lamontagne: He can overcome it but it’s a serious issue.

If he can speak convincingly about a de-centralized system, a devolution of power, a Reagan solution and he can be convincing, I think he can get by this issue. But he needs to complete that thought."

He’s got to live with the bed he’s making.

I give him credit for tackling a very serious and significant issue for his state.

Below watch my Mitt Romney piece below that features Lamontagne and Dan Balz from The Washington Post.

The piece below aired nationally today in "The 700 Club."

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