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T-PAW for President in 2012? See Visual Proof?

Tim Pawlenty hasn’t officially announced he’s running for President but it looks like he’s ready to mix it up. How do I know? Check out the picture below.

This is a shot of Tim Pawlenty playing hockey this morning in Concord, N.H., courtesy of Jeff Zeleny of The New York Times.

The Brody File is told that the pick-up game was played this morning in New Hampshire with about two dozen local guys. He wore a UNH (University of New Hampshire) jersey that said "T-Paw" and "12".

The jersey was given to him Friday night by notable New Hampshire conservative activist Ovide Lamontagne.

Pawlenty may be a nice guy but the fact that he enjoys a good "scrum" in the corner should be a warning sign to all GOP presidential candidates. T-Paw isn't messing around. He's come to win and he has the political Stanley Cup in sight.

By the way, Pawlenty is a big hockey fan. Watch my interview with him where he talks about hockey. I did this interview as a contributor to Right Network.

Print     Email to a Friend    posted on Friday, March 11, 2011 9:32 AM

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