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Mitch Daniels Playing With Fire

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels may very well run for President. If he does, he’s got some work to do with social conservatives.

The other day on Laura Ingraham’s radio show, Daniels re-iterated his call for a “truce” on social issues while America gets its economic house in order. He now says he’d like to “mute” those issues for a little while.

Listen here. (You have to go 4 minutes into the clip to hear this) The transcription is below:

"If you don’t accept that we face a republic-threatening issue in terms of the debt--and again I would love to conclude one day that I was overreacting--but that threatens every one of us whatever our views on these other questions. I would like to think that fixing it and saving our kids future could be a unifying moment for our country and we wouldn't stop our disagreements or our passionate belief in these other questions, we just sort of mute them for a little while, while we try to come together on the thing that menaces us all." (Laura Ingraham show 01/31/11)

If Daniels gets in the race you can be sure that some other candidate is going to call him out on this. Whoever does it first will immediately endear himself or herself to social conservatives nationwide. Who’s going to do it?

The American Principles Project is blasting Daniels for his most recent comments. Read part of their release below:

“We cannot repair the economy without addressing the deep cultural issues that are tearing apart the family and society,” said Andy Blom, executive director of the American Principles Project. “The conservative movement has always been about addressing ALL issues—economic, social and national security—that are in need of repair.”

Recently, the American Principles Project criticized the leaders of CPAC for giving Governor Daniels the prized speaking slot at its prestigious “Reagan Dinner.”

“It’s unfortunate Gov. Daniels doesn’t seem to understand the winning philosophy of Ronald Reagan that brought conservatism to victory by addressing all three issues,” said Frank Cannon, President of American Principles Project. “If Mitch Daniels is planning to run for president by running away from social issues, he will face a grassroots revolt.”

“The national furor over the expansion of abortion coverage and efforts to re-define marriage demonstrates the resistance he will face.  There is no appetite among grassroots conservatives to run away from these critical issues,” said Mr. Blom. “Mr. Daniels is only causing divisions in the movement by this talk of a ‘truce.’”

Print     Email to a Friend    posted on Tuesday, February 01, 2011 7:37 PM

Comments on this post

# RE: Mitch Daniels Playing With Fire

Abortion is the main reason I ever started following politics. Mitt Romney just raised 6.8million dollars for his campaign. He will certainly tell you what you want to hear. Yet his record is not as pro-life as Governor Daniels, he has only been outspoken on the issue when he was running for president. If we are willing to knock somebody like Daniels out so early, we will end up with a demonstartedly more pro-choice candidate in Mitt Romney. Not only that but if he wins the nomination or even a weak pro-life candidate, we will be re-electing once again the most pro-choice president this country has ever seen, President Obama. Mitch Daniels is Pro-Life and has the record to prove it, which translates into what he will do in office.
Left by Anonymous on Feb 01, 2011 11:18 PM

# Let's elect a lightning rod!

This very instant we could outlaw abortion! Just like President Obama gave us Obamcare! And now what is happening? A political revolt on almost every level of government and his law the so-called 'Crown-jewel' of socialism would be overturned. And if it is it will be a long, long, long time if ever that universal healthcare will ever see the light of day again. We know this! Maybe we should learn from this? Our 'Crown-jewel' is to see a day when every human life having an opportunity to be brought into the world, to have life. But if we think we can shove this thing through, maybe in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve? If our oppostion decides to revolt, if they decide to overturn, then we might not ever get it back. Why do we need to dress-down a potential candidate who is a proven pro-lifer only to nominate someone who governed pro-choice and only had a conversion as he decided to run for the presidency? Why nominate the person can yell the loudest? Is it best way?
Left by Anonymous on Feb 01, 2011 11:58 PM

# RE: Mitch Daniels Playing With Fire

The Patience of Politics

Left by Anonymous on Feb 02, 2011 12:11 AM

# RE: Mitch Daniels Playing With Fire

I have to say Mitch Daniels is correct,lets get something done about the economy first,then deal with the other stuff.Anonymous.your last POTUS had 8 years to do something about abortion, you sure it cant wait another year or two?
Left by josta45 on Feb 03, 2011 12:41 AM

# RE: Mitch Daniels Playing With Fire

Division yes, but it is being caused by people like yourself, who think that electing a president is a single issue matter! Social issues and in particular, ABORTION!

I am an ardent Pro-Life Catholic. Teach it in my Rel Ed classes. Participate in the March For Life, in Washington DC. Donate montly to Priest for Life.


Here is my take on 2012. For accomplishments to numerous to mention in this posting, Daniels appears to be one of the few leaders who has demonstrated the kind of leadership that can help America recover its economic vitality!

Without recovery of our economic vitality, other causes, most especially social issues, will go nowhere!

On the other hand, responsible conservative leadership which does lead America out of our crisis of debt, excessive spending and government failure, will be able to then lead us out of our moral crisis!

Gov Daniels is a solid social conservative, and no one can challenge that! The record is clear!
Left by NJ-4- on Feb 03, 2011 12:05 PM

# RE: Mitch Daniels Playing With Fire

As a social conservative, I am going to be watching for a candidate who can speak well, and who is prepared to act effectively, with regard to the national debt. Mitch Daniels is off to a good start with me.

I appreciate the comment above that highlights Daniels' excellent pro-life record.
Left by kate72 on Feb 14, 2011 11:39 PM

# RE: Mitch Daniels Playing With Fire

Mitch Daniels is the most exciting of the potential Republican candidates. He has an almost perfect pro-life voting record, he just signed legislation in Indiana that will allow school choice, he has acted to eliminate collective bargaining by teacher unions, and he is extremely fiscally responsible. With him as president, the sky's the limit for what could be accomplished on both social issues and for the economy. I admit to not knowing anything about his foreign policy, but with clear evidence he's a smart Patriot, I suspect he understands this issue better than most.
Left by metricsman on Apr 25, 2011 12:16 PM