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Video: Tim Pawlenty's Evangelical Appeal

On This week’s Brody File Show, Tim and Mary Pawlenty talk about the close relationship they have with their pastor Leith Anderson. Anderson is lead pastor at Wooddale Church and Anderson is also president of the National Association of Evangelicals.

Some political gurus out there think that connection will help Pawlenty appeal to evangelicals if and when he enters the 2012 presidential race. The NAE also represents the largest set of evangelical pastors in the country which some say could give Pawlenty “access” to a big set of evangelical players.

Watch that part of this week’s Brody File Show below along with key transcriptions from the Pawlenty’s and Brody File guest analyst Chris Cillizza from The Washington Post.

We should mention The Brody File is beginning a series of 30-minute shows called, “The Elephant in the Room” where we profile each likely GOP presidential contender Tim Pawlenty is the focus of this week’s show.

We have an exclusive interview with him and his wife along with analysis from The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza and the Politico’s Jonathan Martin You can watch the whole show here.


Mary Pawlenty: “I can’t imagine that Leith Anderson or I would think that that’s an issue. Our faith is a part of who are we are and to the extent individuals as they hear that find that to be something that they’re interested perhaps in learning more about who my husband is that’s wonderful but the notion that there’s somehow access that doesn’t even compute in my brain that way.”

Tim Pawlenty: “Pastor Anderson is not somebody who would use or should use that for political purposes and he’s a wonderful person and a dear leader and minister but neither he nor that group is some sort of plug and play political operation. That’s not how he views it. He’s in the business of saving souls and he’s not in the business of running campaigns.”

Chris Cillizza: “I actually think this is an underrated part of the Pawlenty story or if not underrated undertold. My guess would be most people do not know this part about Tim Pawlenty that he has a deep faith that he has roots in the Evangelical community. His wife particularly well connected in the Evangelical community.”

Chris Cillizza: “I do think this could round out Tim Pawlenty and maybe give him that edge or that second look that he might not get otherwise in a very crowded field.”

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