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Exclusive: Jim DeMint Backstage at Values Voters Summit

In an exclusive interview with The Brody File, Sen. Jim DeMint says he has no interest in becoming the next Senate Majority Leader and doesn't want to run for president. Instead he tells CBN News that the Tea Party movement is the "tip of an iceberg of a great American awakening."

He also talks about what he would say to Mike Castle if he ran into him and whether he could beat Sen. Mitch McConnell in an arm wrestling match.

Watch below. Some partial transcriptions provided as well.

On supposedly causing a GOP civil war:

Sen. Jim DeMint: Sometimes you have to stir things up to get things moving in the right direction and frankly I believe our party the majority, Americans trusted us, we betrayed that trust and I don't want to ask people again for the majority if I'm not certain that the people who are calling themselves Republicans are going to stand up for the principles we say we believe in.
DeMint: We've got a great slate of candidates.
DeMint: I'm really excited about the election because for the first time in a long time, I feel like the power is really in the hands of the people, of the voters and not the consultants and the media and the establishment here in Washington. I think the voters are going to rise up and take back their government and I want to be in that number.

On stamping out hypocrites:


David Brody: What we've seen here is this an effort to stamp out the hypocrites? In other words, the ones that say one thing but do another?
DeMint: I think so. In both parties.
DeMint: You really have to look at the Tea Party as a tip of an iceberg of a great American awakening that is really going to change our country.

Does he want to be Senate Majority Leader?


: What is your answer to all the so-called political experts who say Senator DeMint wants to be Majority Leader of the Senate?
: I really have no interest in being kind of an administrative head of our conference.
DeMint: Our candidates for the most part have been winning not because of me but because they're speaking out for Americans who feel like they're being ignored.
Brody: You say not because of you and you're making the case that one endorsement by Jim DeMint isn't going to make the difference but clearly you obviously had an effect.
DeMint: Well, I think a candidate like Marco Rubio, for instance, who was being ignored by the Republican establishment all I could do and folks like Mike Huckabee is shine a spotlight on Marco and try to raise enough money so that he could put a campaign team around him and get started but he did the rest.

Does he want to be President?



We can't keep the same infrastructure in Washington and avoid bankruptcy as a nation. The next president is going to have to reform our entitlements. It's not popular. We’re going to have to fix our tax code so there's going to be pain and sacrifice. I'm looking for a president like Ronald Reagan who has some of Winston Churchill's characteristics.

His words to moderate Mike Castle who lost in Delaware:


On hypothetical arm wrestling match with Mitch McConnell:

Brody: Mitch McConnell: Could you beat him in an arm wrestle at least?
DeMint: (laughing) Mitch is a friend. I think he'll be a good leader if we put the right people around him.



If you ran into Mike Castle in a dark alley, what would you say to him?
DeMint: Mke, I love ya, I hope you're still a friend but we can't fix the problems with the same people who created them.
re have been people who have said Jim DeMint for President. Can you rule out now that you don't want to run for President?"?

: I don't want to run for President. I think it's going to be an Abraham Lincoln type of presidency the type of sacrifice. The next president is going to have to tell Americans the hard truth that the federal government has got to do less rather than more. That president has got to figure out how to dismantle the Department of Education and move the power back to the states, to dismantle the Department of Transportation and get them out of building local roads and bridges and focus on a national infrastructure; to look at the Commerce Department and the waste and the duplication there and begin to (inaudible) back to the private sector.

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# RE: Exclusive Interview:Jim DeMint Backstage at Value Voters Summit

Very informative blog this one and appreciative
John davis
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Left by john davis on Sep 19, 2010 11:10 PM

# RE: Exclusive Interview:Jim DeMint Backstage at Value Voters Summit

We have to keep a close eye on all Washington politicians, for they tend to have their own goals in mind, but so far I have been very pleased with Senator DeMint's support of the Constitution and traditional American values.

As a Tea Party activist, I am heartened at the groundswell of Americans willing to stand up and defend our country from the "progressive" socialists who wish to transform our country into something our founding fathers would not recognize.

I can assure you all that my local Tea Party is not about hate or racism, or bigotry of any sort. I cannot speak for all members, or all local groups, but I am confident that if any of you would attend your first Tea Party meeting, you would find rational and sincere people who are concerned with the direction this country has taken, and want to return it to the direction our founders intended. You will be welcomed, and your participation will be appreciated.
Left by SamAdams25 on Sep 20, 2010 12:59 AM