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Stupak and Pitts Get Big Pro-Life Thank You

The pro-life grassroots community has raised tens of thousands of dollars so they could put up radio ads thanking Pro-life House Democrat Bart Stupak and Pro-life House Republican Joe Pitts for their pro-life friendly abortion amendment that passed the House last month.

Read more from the group that put it together:

Today the Susan B. Anthony List announced a radio campaign in the northern Michigan district of Representative Bart Stupak (D-MI) and the Pennsylvania district of Representative Joe Pitts.  The ads, funded through grassroots donations nationwide, thank both members for their efforts to exclude government-funded abortion from health care reform.

The radio ads can be heard below. The transcription is below as well.


The script of the Stupak ad: 

 “This holiday season, the people of Northern Michigan can be thankful that they are represented by a principled and effective congressman: Bart Stupak.  Congressman Stupak had the courage to lead the fight in the House of Representatives to stop federal dollars from being spent for abortions.  We can trust Bart Stupak to protect unborn children and women.  And for that, we can be thankful.  Paid for by Susan B. Anthony List, inc.” 



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