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Palin Asks People to Invite God to Take Over in Their Lives

One of the most interesting parts of the book is something nearly everyone is overlooking. Well, not The Brody File. At the end of "Going Rogue" Sarah Palin actually invites people to let God take over their lives. Wow! Watch the video clip below.

Sarah Palin invites people to let God take over their lives:

Sarah Palin: "My very last paragraph there sums it up and invites people, encourages people to do what I did and that's put their life in God's hands, our Creator who knows probably better than we know what the perfect path is for a person so God being so extremely important my faith is to my life I wasn't going to be hesitant at all to let people know what I believe."

Here is another way she sums up her invitation to accept God. This will like a Pseudo Altar Call:

Sarah Palin: "How in the World would I sum up my life except to say God at the end of the day I have really nothing but my faith, my reliance on you lord and I wanted to articulate that."

This is the actual quote from the end of the book in Sarah Palin's own words:

Sarah Palin quote from "Going Rogue": "I do know there is a God. My life is in His hands. I encourage readers to do what I did many years ago, invite him in to take over...then see what He will do and how He will get  you through. Test him on this. You'll see there's no such thing as a coincidence."

She also takes about her baptism when she was 6 years old:

Sarah Palin: "Knowing even back then that it is a step that one can take to show the rest of the World that I'm not shy about this. I am going to let the World know that this is my foundation and that this is my reliance is going to be on my faith in God."


Print     Email to a Friend    posted on Thursday, November 19, 2009 3:28 PM

Comments on this post

# RE: Palin Asks People to Invite God to Take Over in Their Lives

Thank God for women who stand unashamed of their families, their Christian Faith in God, and our country's God blessed core, who do not practice fear or waiver from their faith in the face of opression and ridicule. American women who strive toward a nobler character, like Sarah, have had to battle belittling historically. When Sarah stands before the world unashamed of who God has made her to be,,refusing to be pushed back down and quieted only because she is a women of faith, she carves a place in the future for all of our American daughters to pursue a higher ground, one of respect and diligence toward a better place for all women around the world and here at home. I have daughters,,, all of whom I would be proud to have turn out like Governor Palin. Jesus Christ will bless any of us who speak the truth, unashamed of him. Go Sarah Go!!!
Left by suzq2 on Nov 20, 2009 12:45 PM

# RE: Palin Asks People to Invite God to Take Over in Their Lives

This woman will be greatly used by God, helping many to open their hearts to Him.

In my lifetime (I'm 3 years older than Israel), the Spirit's leading in this generation has been obvious. In history: Israel's birth, Jerusalem in 6-7-67; non-fiction best sellers: Late, Great Planet Earth and the Left Behind series. I remember the Jesus Movement. I know those historical events convinced many to look up. Even if one third of the folks that read those two books had hearts with fertile ground, plus the same number within the Jesus Movement of the 70s - there are multiplied thousands (millions?) just like me ... living out their lives in love with Jesus and waiting for the glorious appearing. Reading His Word and watching current events. I don't care if Palin is President or not, God has chosen her for such a time as this. An evangelical Christian that is not ashamed - hallelujah.

Her boldness will encourage others to speak out their faith...and turn many hearts to Jesus!!
Left by Lynn on Nov 21, 2009 12:52 PM