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Huckabee Says President Bears Some Responsibility For Election Losses

Mike Huckabee tells The Brody File that President Obama bears some responsibility for the Election losses in New Jersey and Virginia.

I spoke with the 2008 Republican presidential contender this morning in our D.C. bureau. Watch his answer below. Comments follow.

BRODY: Do you believe these wins by the GOP in New Jersey and Virginia were a referendum on the President? How do you view this exactly?

HUCKABEE: Well, they certainly were a referendum on the policies of the Democrats in Washington. Now, the President has some responsibility. He went to New Jersey five times for Corzine and campaigned for Deeds.So he wrapped himself with his own political capital. 

But it's not just about Obama. It's about the larger issue of what's happening in Washington with overspending, government control, intrusion into people's personal choices: it was a huge blowback because of the margin in Virginia and the very fact of the victory in New Jersey. 

Print     Email to a Friend    posted on Wednesday, November 04, 2009 2:00 PM

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