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Pro-Life Group Fires Warning Shot on Potential Sebelius HHS Pick

Concerned Women for America is CONCERNED. For that matter, so are many pro-life groups. As The Brody File searches around, I can tell you that if President Obama picks Kathleen Sebelius as HHS Secretary, pro-life groups are going to make a big stink about it. And don't be surprised to see some of those pro-life Congressmen to follow.

Read the following press release put out by Concerned Women for America today. They lay out the pro-life case against Sebelius.

"Kathleen Sebelius' tenure as Kansas' governor is mired in scandals tied to her relationship with abortionists, from her hand-picked attorney general resigning in a sex-soaked scandal to using her office to benefit a controversial late-term abortionist. Sebelius vetoed every common sense bill to regulate abortion - including safety regulations on clinics to ensure women are not harmed - and held a private party in the governor's mansion for notorious abortionist George Tiller. Not surprisingly, the number of abortions increased in Kansas during Sebelius' time as governor," stated Wendy Wright, President of Concerned Women for America (CWA).

Sebelius won the governorship with large donations from George Tiller, who is currently on trial for alleged criminal activity. She appointed abortionist Howard Ellis - who gave up his medical license in Missouri to avoid disciplinary action - to the Kansas Board of Healing Arts. Ellis was later charged by the Board with attempting to persuade a physician to falsify records. Sebelius also appointed a militant supporter of Tiller's political action committee and pro-abortion activist to the Human Rights Commission.

Sebelius' hand-picked attorney general, Paul Morrison, ran for office as a defender of the abortion industry. After only a few months in office, he was forced to resign amidst reports of having sex in public buildings with a subordinate and abusing his authority to obstruct the investigation of abortionists. The abortionists faced allegations of committing illegal late-term abortions and covering up the statutory rape of girls. 

"Sebelius' track record of giving preferential treatment to abortionists who are under investigation for criminal activity makes her a dangerous choice to be overseer of the country's top agency for health and human services," stated Wright.

Folks, if the pick is Sebelius…strap it on. There's gonna be a fight. Some will say that the abortion issue has nothing to do with getting healthcare through Congress which would be the major task of the incoming HHS Secretary. But you can be sure that when a healthcare bill is written, there will be abortion related provisions in the bill. Whether it has to do with a co-pay or contraception, something will be in there.

Stay tuned.


Print     Email to a Friend    posted on Monday, February 23, 2009 5:00 AM

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