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Rick Warren in October on Prop 8: "This is not even just a Christian issue. It’s a humanitarian and human issue.”

Some of you may have seen portions of the following videos but The Brody File has gone through them and found them to be pretty interesting.

Pastor Rick Warren talks to Church members about his support for Proposition 8 in a video address on the church website.  Near the end he says the following:

“There are about 2% of Americans who are homosexual or gay and lesbian people. We should not let 2% of the population change the definition of marriage.”

“This is not even just a Christian issue. It’s a humanitarian and human issue.”

To watch the video, you need to click on the fourth video down labeled “Prop 8”. The link is here.  

In a separate video that is posted on that same page  dated December 22nd,  Pastor Warren has the following to say about the Inauguration controversy:

 “I’m not opposed to gays having their partnerships. I’m opposed to gays using the term marriage for their relationship.” (3:47 in)

“While I believe the gay view of sexuality is contrary to God’s word, I do believe that God gives us free choice and he gives us a choice to obey his word or to disobey it.” (4:55 in)

“Some people feel today that if you disagree with them then that’s hate speech. Either if you disagree with them you either hate them or you’re afraid of them. I’m neither afraid of gays nor do I hate gays. In fact I love gays but I do disagree with some of their beliefs.” (7:20 in)


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