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Brody File Moves to The White House

Don’t worry. I’m not really moving. The Brody file continues. It’s just that I’ll be spending more time at The White House.

Starting with the Obama administration, I will be the new White House Correspondent for CBN News. I’ll still be a CNN Contributor.

Please remember that the Brody File is alive and well from The White House. I’ll still be bringing you newsmakers through my blog. Not only will we have the movers and shakers from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue coming your way but look for interviews with top newsmakers from Capitol Hill, the faith community, the power brokers of Washington DC and yes, the potential 2012 Republican candidates for President! Basically, if you’re looking for exclusive political news, The Brody File is it

Here’s my only concern with this move. When I was on the road all this time, I was actually keeping in pretty good shape. I was on my BOSU all the time. Check out a picture of it here.

The concern now is that if I sit in a White House cubicle too long I may look like this.

Diet tips?

One more concern. If I’m blogging at The White House, I can’t be in my pajamas and watch Star Trek reruns.


Print     Email to a Friend    posted on Monday, November 10, 2008 5:00 AM

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