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The Future Under Dem-Domination

PHOENIX -- cbnnews -- This is Paul Strand, guest blogging, and this is our last dispatch from McCain Land, a place where the people awoke this morning with the most glum sort of painful hangover, the kind where you realize your cause and candidate last night did indeed take a ruthless shellacking of epic proportions.

Not only did McCain/Palin get pounded, but the various pro-life measures around the country all went down in flames.

Yet at the big to-do (to-doom?) for the GOP presidential ticket, even as the shellacking was being administered, the red-meat Republicans around the place were breathing out defiant declarations that they'd now head off Obama and Democrat-dominated DC at every pass with a fervent guerilla movement.

And all morning my e-mail has been flooded with cries from pro-life groups that they will fight on harder than ever.

You have to wonder if this is any sort of winning strategy. And you really, really have to consider if this is what your fellow Americans want. Maybe Obama's cries for an end to the partisan warfare, to the petty bickering, to the near-constant gridlock in Washington, is what really hit a chord with the American people. Maybe that's the change they crave. I'm betting they're not so much sick of Republicans and conservatives, but they're just sick of the endless Washington warfare.

As for the pro-life movement, you have to consider if the efforts to outlaw abortion or to limit it legally are just not going to succeed. Even if they could pass on the ballot or in legislatures, Obama is likely to nominate the judges and justices who will strike them down without mercy.

Personally, I'm praying "Lord, where from here? If You were walking the earth again in the flesh, what would You do to prevent as many abortions as possible?"

Maybe it's time to put our time, energy and money into something other than bashing our heads over and over again against the same wall? The other side always says it wants to work with pro-lifers to limit abortions and unwanted pregnancies. Maybe it's time to take them up on the offer and say, "Okay, let's do it! We're not going to beat you at the ballot box or in the statehouse or in the courts, so let's do everything we can to work together and end this abortion tragedy."

Print     Email to a Friend    posted on Wednesday, November 05, 2008 5:00 AM

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