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Video: Pawlenty on VP Speculation

Should Governor Tim Pawlenty be John McCain’s running mate? He’s on the short list and we chatted about that in a Brody File interview here in Washington DC this morning.

You knew he was going to duck the question but his answer towards the end is interesting. He has a close relationship with McCain and that is an important element in the selection process, not to mention that Pawlenty may be the one guy to help McCain with working class moderates AND socially conservative Evangelicals.

Watch his answer above. Transcription is below.

Governor Tim Pawlenty: “I’m honored to be mentioned as somebody who might be considered for the vice-presidential slot but I’ve tried to stay focused on my current job in Minnesota. I have a day job which I am honored to have and enjoy. I haven’t been asked to consider being VP by the McCain campaign. I haven’t been asked to submit any documents or information and so I really think it is just speculation on what might or might not happen. I just tell folks I have got to stay focused on my current job and we don’t need to think about those things because they really are speculation at this point.”

Brody:But you would be honored for sure.”
Governor Tim Pawlenty: “Well, I am honored to have my name mentioned. Of course any time somebody suggests that you can be considered for a job like that is a high honor and I feel grateful that they would even consider me.”
Brody:Well, just checking humbleness at the door just a little bit. Why do you think he would put you on that list? Play pundit a little bit for me.”
Governor Tim Pawlenty: “Well, I think different people look at the vice-presidential considerations for different reasons and different motivations and often times the predictions are wrong anyhow but they include things like geography, political balance, personal chemistry between the candidates, things like that. I have a strong relationship with Senator McCain. I’m one of his early supporters and the like but I am just happy to support him as a volunteer because I think he’s a great man and will make a great President. I am not motivated because I have some designs on the vice-presidency. I supported him long before that ever became an issue and I’m, motivated to help him because I think our country needs him and I think history is calling him out as the next great leader for our country.”

Print     Email to a Friend    posted on Monday, June 30, 2008 4:00 AM

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