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Thursday, September 03, 2015

The GOP Pledge: Donald Trump's Ultimate "Trump Card"

By signing the, “GOP Pledge” this afternoon in New York, Donald Trump just performed the, “One step back, two steps forward” shuffle. Hey, it’s “The Art Of The Deal.”

On the surface, this may look like a retreat from Trump. Just like any good businessman, he always wanted to have the “leverage” in his favor. By signing the pledge, he doesn’t necessarily have that leverage anymore (though he technically doesn’t have to follow through on the pledge). To a degree, I’m sure it pained him to give that up. You could tell at the press conference that he wasn’t thrilled to do it. That’s the one step back part.

But the two steps forward part may indeed play out over the next six months or so. By pledging his commitment to the Republican Party, he takes away the argument that he’s only out for himself. He shows that he’s a team player. Furthermore, if any candidate questions his loyalty the GOP, that argument evaporates. In essence, he takes both of those off the table. He also takes that whole third party run off the table when it comes to future debate questions. He just eliminated one big headache. So even though Trump says he didn’t get anything in this agreement, I disagree. He got one less headache and in campaign politics, it’s all about taking less Excedrin. In addition, he now gives himself an opening with traditional GOP conservative voters who may have been initially reluctant to support him based on the fact that he may bolt for a third party run. Therefore, he increased his potential pool of voters. One more element to all of this: Even though the pressure for Trump to sign the pledge was high, he doesn’t come out of this looking weak or that he caved. Why? Because he already has the reputation as being strong and no-nonsense. Signing the pledge doesn’t damage the brand because the brand is pretty impenetrable at this point. That ship has sailed.

There’s another element to this. This GOP pledge actually puts his GOP opponents in a tough, uncomfortable spot. Many have torched him as being either liberal or not conservative enough or scattered on the issues. But now they have to sign a pledge that essentially says if Trump’s the nominee they will support him. How does that square with what they’ve already said about him? For example, if Jeb Bush thinks Trump is off his rocker, how in the world does he get to the point of accepting this pledge? In other words, he’s putting party loyalty ahead of his own authentic, deeply held thoughts about Trump? What kind of message does that send? Does he really think Trump would be a better President of the United States than Hillary Clinton? I think that’s a legitimate question to ask.

Let me just conclude with one more thought. All along, political insiders have thought of Trump’s campaign as one big joke. Then he shot to the top of the polls and they said it wouldn’t last. Now, almost two months later his poll numbers continue to rise despite a bunch of so-called “gaffes” that many thought would derail his campaign. It hasn’t. His enemies now realize they need to take him seriously. And now, with this pledge signing by Trump, he’s taken one more step on his quest to be taken seriously. This pledge accomplishes that goal. What does it all add up to? What it says is that this GOP Pledge may end up being his ultimate, “Trump Card.”

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Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Mike Huckabee Talks and Prays with Kim Davis

Kim Davis is the new face of religious liberty in this country and GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is proud of her. He spoke with her today.

Here’s some of what transpired as per a campaign press release:

"I spoke with Kim Davis this morning to offer my prayers and support. I let her know how proud I am of her for not abandoning her religious convictions and standing strong for religious liberty. She is showing more courage and humility than just about any federal office holder in Washington.

"Kim is asking the perfect question: 'Under what law am I authorized to issue homosexual couples a marriage license?' That simple question is giving many in Congress a civics lesson that they never got in grade school.

"The Supreme Court cannot and did not make a law. They only made a ruling on a law. Congress makes the laws. Because Congress has made no law allowing for same sex marriage, Kim does not have the Constitutional authority to issue a marriage license to homosexual couples.

"Kim is a person of great conviction. When people of conviction fight for what's right they often pay a price, but if they don't and we surrender, we will pay a far greater price for bowing to the false God of judicial supremacy. Government is not God. No man - and certainly no unelected lawyer - has the right to redefine the laws of nature or of nature's God. Five unelected lawyers have abused their power by ruling in favor of a national right to same-sex marriage with no legal precedent and with nothing in our Constitution to back it up. They have violated American's most fundamental right guaranteed by our Constitution - religious liberty."

Huckabee makes an interesting point. Technically there is no "law" on the books that compels Davis to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. So, to coin a phrase, "what now brown cow?"

Huckabee is a different candidate this time around compared to 2008. He's just as articulate and folksy but he's ramped up the passionate side of him as he tries to show voters that he's a fighter, whether it's on religious liberty, abortion or the Iranian/U.S. nuclear weapon deal.

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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Jeb Bush Brings Up Trump's Past

Jeb Bush is out with a video ad against Donald Trump where he used Trump's past liberal statements against him. Watch below:

Clearly Bush is threatened by Trump and is going for the jugular early. It's the only strategy Bush has at this point. He's going to have to hope that voters will dismiss Trump because he doesn't fall in line with every conservative viewpoint.

Here's the problem with that. It's Trump's lack of orthodoxy that makes him attractive in the first place so it could backfire. Plus, Trump is getting support from outside your traditional conservative crowd.

Having said that, what else can Bush do at this point?

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A Born-Again Christian Woman Explains Her Support for Donald Trump

The Brody File continues to look for additional insight as to why Donald Trump is resonating with evangelicals. Well, I found a woman who articulates it pretty well. Her name is Donna Vermillion and she penned a commentary titled, "Why I, as a Christian Woman, Support Donald Trump."

Simply put, it’s a very interesting read and will give you further awareness as to why evangelicals are attracted to the brash billionaire. Normally, I won’t publish a whole commentary but you need context here so here it is in its entirety.

Read below.

Why I, as a Christian Woman, Support Donald Trump
by Donna Vermillion

I find Donald Trump to be a very intriguing man. To be frank, I never really gave him much thought until recently. Moreover, I did not really take his candidacy very seriously at first. Morality-wise, the fruit I have seen in him over the years has been far from Christ-like. I have never seen even one of his "Apprentice" episodes. I did not know much about his real estate ventures, except that I knew from the news that he had casinos in Atlantic City at one time, and about the Trump Towers in New York and in Panama. (My husband and I and our children have lived in Central America, so Panama stands out to us.)

Frankly, there is a lot about Trump I did not know until recent weeks. Interestingly, much of what I have seen has been diametrically opposite of anything I ever thought of him as being. I have researched him and his views and, to my surprise, cannot find any major political issues with which I disagree. Every time I think, "Well, I agree with him on that point, but what does he have to say about…," I once again discover that we are on the same side.

So here I am, a Christian, agreeing with (so far) every presidential objective this seemingly un-Christian man presents. Although he says that he is a Protestant, I have to believe that he is an unsaved one, based on his apparent track record of such things as being loose with women. The danger is that some people think they are Christian by default, simply because they are not Muslim or some other religion. But it is very clear in the Scriptures, that unless a man is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. Christianity is more than just NOT being anything else. It requires a decision TO become one through faith in the finished work of the cross, and by accepting Jesus Christ as Lord. It is a turning away from sin and a turning towards the only true and living God by acknowledging that we are hell-bound sinners in need of the Savior who died for us. It is the receiving of what Jesus did for us on the Cross and committing to live for Him, no matter how hard it is on our flesh.

Although I am not sure that Donald Trump has ever decisively made Jesus the Lord of his life, I have seen something about his heart by observing his current views. There is a somewhat curious repentance that seems to have taken place in his life—a dramatic shifting away from the ungodly liberal ideologies, and a determination to further Christian-friendly policies. Simply put, if not born again, Mr. Trump's heart does seem to be steered by the Lord. When he changes his view about a matter, it seems to be because of a realization on his part that his former paradigm was simply wrong. From what I can tell, his switching of positions has nothing whatsoever to do with politics and everything to do with conscience.

What about his "negative" comments concerning women that certain female news anchors love to bring up? Why would I want to vote for such a guy? I look beyond the dart-like questions they fire at him and listen to the man's answers, whereby I understand the rest of the report. I am observant enough to see through the viewer-manipulation techniques as I strive to be truly "fair and balanced" concerning the whole story.

I understand, for example, that although a woman during a deposition with him was wanting to leave the room to pump breast milk for her newborn baby, Trump understood her to mean that she was going to do it in front of him. So now we can see why he allegedly said that she was disgusting and lashed out at her with a belligerently defensive tone. She was understandably hurt by the incident, but couldn't she have been more tactful on her end? Maybe she could have just insisted on being excused for a few minutes and kept things in generalities, rather than mentioning her breasts and a pump and triggering a knee-jerk reaction and some insensitive words on Trump's part. Not that it is always a valid excuse, but why do people expect a man from Brooklyn to respond to such situations with a southern-hospitality-type of tone? He is from New York, not Georgia.

Perhaps he does owe the woman an apology (with a southern accent, of course). I don't know. I wasn't there.  What I do know is that there is a massive push to dig for dirt on Trump, even to the point of sometimes manufacturing dirt, just to have something against him. However, those with hidden, wicked agendas primarily seem to find things that are insignificant that have no bearing on his capability to function well in the highest office of the land. Moreover, I have read some very complimentary things that he has said about women, such as Sarah Palin. But that just is not news-worthy enough, I guess.

What about Megyn Kelly, whom he described as having blood "coming out of her eyes" and "coming out of her…wherever," concerning her demeanor during the GOP presidential "debate" (or better yet, inquisition) a few days ago? When a thinking person evaluates the situation for themselves and cuts out all the unhelpful media middlemen, they can deduce that Trump wasn't talking about Kelly's menstrual cycle. For crying out loud. He was referring to COMBAT. And she fired the first shot! It is important to note that she brought up his referring to some women as "pigs." In light of the recent discovery of her disgusting 2010 interview with Howard Stern along with the whorish pictures of her posing for GQ magazine years ago she ironically fits the "piggish" definition spoken about in Proverbs:

As a ring of gold in a swine's snout,
So is a lovely woman who lacks discretion.
(Proverbs 11:22, NKJV)

In other words, as many people have already noted, it is quite hypocritical for Megyn Kelly to come at Donald Trump with guns blazing concerning his alleged tendency to demean women, while she herself has proven herself to be a morally "piggish" woman in her own life. No wonder she was so offended by the "pig" reference. It was hitting home with her, as her personal history is one of wallowing in the mire.

It was obvious that all three of the Fox News "moderators" (inquisitors) of the event were targeting Trump, continually trying to entrap him, rather than conducting a genuine presidential debate. Furthermore, why was his "tone" questioned ONLY with regard to how he speaks to some women? He seems to insult men just as often whenever they attack him. As others have noted, Trump is an equal opportunity provocateur when it comes to responding to those who insult or attack him, regardless of their gender.

Moreover, why are people wanting Trump to apologize for his "blood" comment when he has repeatedly said that what they are accusing him of implying, did not even enter his mind when he made the statement? And why are some people harping on Megyn Kelly's "emotions" when there are FAR more critical issues, such as baby body parts being sold by abortionists and people being murdered by illegal immigrants, that need to be confronted? Many viewers noticed that the "debate" rarely touched on bona fide issues, but instead seemed more like a panel of prosecutors grilling certain candidates—particularly Donald Trump.

Nevertheless, unfortunately, there are still many others who refuse to do their own due diligence concerning the issues today. Such people blindly believe whatever the news media spoon-feeds them in sound bites. Too few question how "fair and balanced" even Fox News might really be.

Most people agree that Trump's popularity was the primary cause of the record-breaking 24-million viewers of the debate. I certainly have no question that this was the case. I, for one, was one of the people who watched it just to see him. If he had not attended, I would not have cared less about it.

Yes, he is very blunt and rude at times. But he has had years of combat experience in the business realm (and now in the political arena). From what I have observed, he has lived a life wherein he needed to constantly stand his ground and fight in order to overcome opposition to his many business projects. Because of his misconstrued temperament, some individuals even seem to be afraid that if he were to become the President, then he would be dropping bombs on every country that disagrees with us. However, a person does not get to be worth over $10 billion by being an out-of-control, loose cannon. On the contrary, I believe he has the kind of personality that would make a great Commander-in-Chief. The last thing we need is a soft-spoken, socially-polite President who will not act on anything for fear of "offending" people, or one who smiles to our faces but stabs the American people in the back behind closed doors. We have certainly had enough of that over the years, have we not? It is time to put a stake in the heart of "political correctness." It is time to get things straightened out in Washington, D.C. and with American interests around the world.

We need… the TRUMPINATOR.

For the most part, the American people are smart enough to know a true leader when they see one. They also recognize when there is an absence of such leadership. I have been completely unengaged from national politics for several years. I was so disgruntled that I had set my sights on Texas (where I and my family live) seceding from the Union. I wanted to be a citizen of Texas and forget the United States existed.

Waiting for the Obama term to end has been almost as bad as Chinese water torture for the average U.S. citizen. But then, what would be next? Who would be next? As far as leadership for this country, particularly concerning the executive branch, the fear of the unknown enters the picture as we look at the past. We ponder upon how we have had to endure year after year of pitiful candidate choices picked by the "establishment" (i.e., the elite power-brokers). Decent people like Ron Paul, who drew massive crowds, were ignored by the news media (including Fox News' "debate" co-inquisitors, Christ Wallace and Bret Baier). Such people fought to get their message out, but were bullied out of the game by the "establishment" and their media cronies.

So Donald Trump is like a breath of fresh air to me, politically. He has proven that he cannot be "ignored," nor will he ever let anyone "bully" him out of the race for President of the United States. I really believe that God is going to use this man to bring genuine, positive change to this nation that we have not seen in a long time. Why? Because he will not have someone behind the scenes pulling his strings, telling him when to open his mouth and what to say or do. It is obvious to me that he is going against the plan of political creepdom. He is a man with a backbone who will not only take office (if elected), but take charge and lead once he is in there.

I do believe that he is most likely unsaved, and he certainly needs our prayers (and has the prayers of our family). But frankly, he is the best choice that we have right now to reform how our government works. He is simply the best candidate that we have had in a LONG time. (And again, I had not even taken him seriously until recently.)

Here are TEN reasons WHY I, as a Christian woman, plan to vote for him, despite his controversial comments (most of which have been blown way out of proportion anyway):

1. He has voiced fervent concern for the decapitation of Christians and, in an interview with Bill O'Reilly, has openly stated that there is a Muslim problem. (It is certainly not "politically correct" to call out the Muslims, but he did it anyway). Trump told O'Reilly, "I don't notice Swedish people knocking down the World Trade Center," although he also does NOT see all Muslims as terrorists.

2. He has voiced a determination to de-fund Planned Parenthood, even to the point of shutting down the government if necessary.

3. He has shown a genuine concern for our veterans, even to the point of loaning a veteran organization in New York his OWN helicopter, while also donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to them. (Have you ever seen televangelist Kenneth Copeland, who claims to be a "minister," do such a thing with ANY of his aircraft? I didn't think so.)

4. He has a plan to secure our border by building walls where necessary. He even intends to make the Mexican government pay for it by forcing them into negotiations and using economic leverage in order to get them to fund it. He is determined to put a stop to the drugs and criminals freely coming into this country, while at the same time is willing to have a "big beautiful door" in the wall to let legitimate immigrants into the country.

5. He is pro-traditional marriage, and I am confident he will fight for the rights of Christians who, for conscience sake, refuse to decorate cakes for Sodom-and-Gomorrah "weddings."

6. Trump has enough money to not need any outside financial backing. Consequently, he cannot be bought by deep-pocketed special interest groups and other billionaires.

7. Although he can be over the top at times with the insults, his consistent exposure of corrupt politicians is not only refreshing but necessary to "clean house"—especially the White House. Why in the world do people think that we can elect a "fighter" to make changes in Washington, D.C., but then expect that person to be "nice" all of the time to everyone? (Even Jesus was NOT always "nice" to everyone—and He even called people derogatory names!)

8. He wants to obliterate Obamacare. Yet, he still wants to take care of the people who cannot afford health insurance by working deals with hospitals, etc. He has a heart for the poor and wants to help them, and has shown evidence of such behavior in his own personal actions in donating to people who were in need of help.

9. He has already shown presidential-type of action to help this country, doing such things as meeting with the families of those who have had loved ones killed by illegal immigrants. Frankly, he has already been far more "presidential" in his demeanor than our current President.

10. He is a bulldog who cannot be bullied around by the "powers that be" behind the scenes. He does not need a political career, so he is not trying to win political favor from anyone. THAT enables me to trust him more than any of the others, especially Mike Huckabee.

One thing that makes a good leader is having a heart to take care of the people he is leading. I see that in Trump. From protecting the lives of the unborn to taking care of our veterans, I do believe he is the man for the hour for this country.

Would I trust him to pastor a church? No way! Would I trust him with this country? At the moment, I can honestly say yes.

More about Donna Vermillion here.

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Monday, August 31, 2015

The Brody File's 2016 Evangelical Voter Breakdown

There’s been a lot made of how Donald Trump appeals to evangelicals and that he's, "winning the evangelical vote."

Let’s slow down. There's no doubt that Trump appeals to evangelicals. The polling backs it up. But let's remember a few things here about evangelical voters. First of all, they don't vote as a block. In other words, no one candidate is the only one for evangelicals.

So The Brody File now presents what we like to call the, "2016 Evangelical Voter Breakdown." This is not to be confused with "The 2016 Evangelical Voter Break Dance." There is nothing like that taking place in evangelical churches unless LeCrae is performing (Google it).

The "I'm Sick and Tired of It" Evangelical Voter:

Candidates who can pick up votes in this category: Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Mike Huckabee, Carly Fiorina, Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal, Rick Santorum, Rand Paul.

Breakdown: This bracket is being dominated for now at least by, "The Donald." Trump appeals to this kind of evangelical voter. This evangelical is tired of politicians, tired of lying and tired of all the games they play.

Case in point: in 2004, Karl Rove, Ken Mehlman, and the GOP Establishment begged evangelicals to get out to the polls to support George W. Bush because he was going to push seriously for the Federal Marriage Amendment. Well, evangelicals showed up at the polls in droves and guess what? The issue was essentially dropped and no political capital was spent.

Evangelicals felt used. Honestly, ever since, they've always felt a bit used by the GOP. So this evangelical voter is so frustrated they're willing to give serious consideration to a man who doesn't fit the mold of the traditional Christian candidate. It doesn't mean they are going to ultimately vote for Trump. In their perfect world, they'd like to see a guy who talks as boldly as Trump but with a, "heart for Jesus." Absent of that, they just may pull the trigger for Trump.

Ted Cruz, with his bold style seems the logical evangelical backup if Trump implodes. However, Mike Huckabee is trying to show a forceful, don't-mess-with-me tone as well so he may be able to pick up some Trump supporters too. Ben Carson isn't forceful but definitely resonates with the, "tired of the same old politician" crowd. Fiorina has some of that in her too but it's not loud and boisterous.

As for Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal, and Rick Santorum, they also shout it from the rooftops but they also either are or have been politicians. Therefore Trump stands apart because he's not a politician and he's the loudest and boldest.

The "Solutions Oriented" Evangelical Voter

Candidates who can pick up votes in this category: Jeb Bush, John Kasich, Scott Walker, Marco Rubio, Carly Fiorina.

Breakdown: These evangelical voters are definitely frustrated with politicians as usual but are looking for the plausible candidate; in other words someone who has a proven track record of getting things done. These evangelicals tend to not be so confrontational. Jeb Bush, John Kasich, Scott Walker, Maro Rubio fit this mold. Huckabee is in here too to a degree.

The "Christian in His Heart" Evangelical Voter

Candidates who can pick up votes in this category: Mike Huckabee, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Rick Santorum

Breakdown: These evangelical voters are looking for the best Christian man among the candidates. They want to hear these candidates talk boldly about their faith and how that faith influences their public policy. Mike Huckabee, Ben Carson Ted Cruz, and Rick Santorum are the leading candidates to get votes with this group, though Bush, Kasich, Walker, and Rubio talk about how their faith informs their views. But this voter is looking for a candidate to really wear it on their sleeve.

The "Libertarian-Christian" Evangelical Voter

Candidates who can pick up votes in this category: Rand Paul, Ted Cruz

Breakdown: This one is pretty simple. Rand Paul appeals to the libertarian-leaning Christian voter but Ted Cruz sucks votes away from Paul in this category.

So there you have it? What's the takeaway? Ted Cruz appears in three out of the four evangelical voter categories. You can make the argument that Huckabee also plays in three. Many other candidates appear in just two. Donald trump appears in only one. So what that tells me is that Ted Cruz and probably Mike Huckabee have the best chance to win the statistical majority of the evangelical vote strictly based on evangelical voter types.

But here's the rub: his name is Donald Trump. He's the wild card. He may only appear in one category but he is a FORCE in that category. There is such a frustration among evangelicals about the direction of this country that there’s no predicting how much of that category Trump can take.

Remember what I have said previously: Trump and evangelicals have an interesting relationship to say the least. In one of my previous blog posts, I wrote the following:

Donald Trump operates in a world of absolutes: A world of right and wrong; a world of winners (him) and losers (McCain, Perry, etc); a world of put up or shut up (literally). Trump's world is colored in black and white. There ain't much grey. And what does Trump get for speaking out so boldly without holding back? Public ridicule.

Now, think of conservative evangelicals. In their quest to champion biblical values, their mindset is much the same. It is a world of absolutes. They believe the Bible to be the inerrant word of God. Non-negotiable. They believe there is only one way to heaven and that is through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Non-negotiable. They see the world through the lens of spiritual warfare (good vs. evil). And what do evangelicals get for speaking out so boldly without holding back? That's right: public ridicule.

You see folks; Donald Trump and evangelicals are breaking bread together because there is this common bond that I just laid out above. They like his boldness. They relate to him because when they've been bold about their faith they get blasted too. It's a kinship in a strange sort of way. Don't ask me to go deeper than that folks. If you want that portion, go call Dr. Phil.

If Trump plays his cards right (more on that another time) he could win the evangelical vote. How does he do that? Stay tuned to more Brody File analysis.

DISCLAIMER: I can already see campaign operatives complaining about their candidate not being listed in certain evangelical voter categories. Obviously there will be some crossover. This is a general idea of where candidates will traditionally fit.

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Friday, August 28, 2015

Shame on The Huffington Post

Shame on Michael Levin and the Huffington Post.

Last month, Levin published an article called, "In Controversial Campaign Move, Donald Trump to Buy Puerto Rico." The story went on to say that Trump was going to buy the island and rename it Puerto Trump. The article then talks about how Trump loves to go to Puerto Rico every winter to visit his hubcaps.

Guess what? THIS STORY IS FALSE. How do we know? At the end of the article in a small font that says, "This post is satire."

Hillarious. I’m belly laughing. Hey Michael Levin and Huffington Post: Give me a break.

Isn’t The Huffington Post supposed to be a respected news outlet on the Internet? It's one thing if The Onion, which is well known for the satire humor, put this up. That's fine. But The Huffington Post has a news reputation to uphold.

You can't play with people like that. I had a Puerto Rican member of my own extended family complaining about Trump because of this. This person didn't know it wasn’t true. They got deceived.

So did dozens of people who left comments on the article page who thought it was true. Maybe you should change the name of your site. Instead of The Huffington Post, you should be called, "The Dishonest Post."

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Back Story on Donald's Trump's Upcoming Meeting with Pastors

Next month on Sept. 28, Donald Trump will meet with a couple dozen Christian leaders and pastors at his Trump Tower office in New York.

The Brody File spoke with the man who is spearheading the effort. His name is Pastor Darrell Scott from Cleveland, Ohio. He heads up the non-denominational New Spirit Revival Center in Cleveland Ohio. He tells me the church has a “Pentecostal/Charismatic persuasion.”

I spoke with Pastor Scott on the phone Wednesday evening and he explains to me that his relationship with Trump started roughly five years ago when he met Michael Cohen, one of Donald Trump’s top executives, through a mutual friend. The relationship between Scott and Cohen blossomed into a nice friendship and then around four years ago, Pastor Scott and his wife met privately with Trump.

During that meeting, they had an opportunity to discuss his faith and they all prayed together as well.

Fast forward to this past June when Trump announced his candidacy for president of the United States. It was around that time that Pastor Scott reached out to Cohen to see if Mr. Trump would be interested in a private meeting with pastors in which they would pray for him and discuss his views and strategies on a number of different issues.

Eventually a date was set: Sept. 28.

As for the meeting, names are not being released at this point but Pastor Scott, who is African-American, believes this meeting with the GOP frontrunner will definitely give some African-American preachers a chance to form their own opinion about Trump rather than hearing information secondhand.

Pastor Scott tells me the list of preachers who will be invited to the private meeting will be diverse as he reaches out to white, Hispanic, and black clergy.

It’s important to point out that this meeting is a personal gathering, not political. Scott says he’s not for or against Trump.

“This meeting will assist us in our decision making process,” Scott tells The Brody File. “I’m pro-Christianity. Anytime I can have a dialogue and exchange of ideas with prominent Americans or people in influential positions concerning Christianity I welcome back.”

He also told me that he hopes to meet with some of the other candidates as well. As for Trump, Pastor Scott tells me he’s always been impressed with his personality, honesty, bluntness, and forthrightness, not to mention his leadership skills.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Magic Of Donald Trump On Display In Iowa

Hey Jorge Ramos: I’m sure the Trump campaign wants to send you a thank you card and a fruit basket. What’s the best address? At a press conference in Iowa Tuesday night, the Univision “reporter” (quotes intended) tried his best to put Donald Trump on the spot regarding his immigration policies but guess what? It totally backfired.

Look, by the now many of you have seen the video of Ramos being escorted out of the room by security after trying to ask his immigration question.  Some may say that approach was unnecessary but let’s look at the facts.

First of all, Ramos was not called upon at the press conference. Another reporter was chosen by Trump to ask a question and Ramos barged in like a media bully. Hey Jorge, that’s called bad journalistic etiquette.  Mainstream media reporters should be calling Ramos out on that bad move. But that’s not all. Once he started speaking, he didn’t ask a question, he made a political statement.  He essentially told Trump he couldn’t deport millions of illegal immigrants. There was no question and when he finally got to something resembling a question, it was rhetorical in nature. Ramos did not come to that press conference with a journalist’s curiosity. He came with a political agenda. That’s strike 2 and the mainstream media should call him out on that too. Finally, after being escorted back in Ramos and Trump go at it on immigration. Think about this. Ramos was literally escorted out of the room and then Trump looks like the good guy by bringing him back and having him ask his question/rant. That’s remarkable. Who does that? Most politicians wouldn’t ever try to engage with someone who clearly had an agenda but guess what? Trump doesn’t care. He can handle it. He’s man enough to deal with it (to quote the cover of Time Magazine this week). What Trump showed (once again) to voters is that he’s not afraid to back down from a fight. He lets it rip and loves to battle.

Politically, what makes this incident such a winning proposition for Trump is that anytime you take on the liberal, agenda-seeking mainstream media you win. Ramos tried to grandstand and hijack the press conference and Trump stood up to him. This is not an easy task. Many politicians wouldn’t have the stomach for the fight or if they did engage, they wouldn’t have turned the tables as deftly as Trump. That’s what voters want. They want a fighter. They want someone who is going to dish it back to agenda-setting reporters. You see, when it comes to the liberal mainstream media, conservative voters hold a true disdain for the lot of them but they don’t feel they have the power or bully pulpit to fight back against them. Trump is their bully pulpit. Trump is their voice. And that my friends, is the magic of Trump.  Jorge Ramos wanted to expose Trump on immigration. Instead, he exposed why Trump is growing in popularity across America. Trump turned the tables. He’s the maestro conductor of this 2016 presidential election. He leads. Others follow. Oh, and one more thing: where should the Trump campaign send the fruit basket?

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott: America's Cultural Resurgence Must Be Lead By Pastors

In an exclusive interview with The Brody File in Austin, Texas Governor Greg Abbott says America will continue to deteriorate unless pastors get involved in the cultural issues of the day. “The people who attend these congregations or pastor these congregations do not turn out and vote and we are dealing with the consequences by the failure of Christians to go vote.”

Abbott spoke with The Brody File in Austin Monday afternoon after speaking to hundreds of pastors at the American Renewal Project event in Texas. Abbott has been very outspoken about his faith in the public square and made an impassioned plea for pastors to do the same.

ARP is holding these influential meetings in select cities around the country in an attempt to get pastors to reengage with the cultural issues of the day. The hope is that pastors will energize and encourage their flocks to actually vote their biblical values.

Watch the video below along with a partial transcription.

Mandatory Courtesy: CBN News/The Brody File

Texas Governor Greg Abbott: “The country deteriorates and that’s what we’ve seen over the past decade. Religious liberty from the Bible is in the issues that Christians believe in have become hostile in the mainstream politics and there is one key reason for it and that’s because the people who attend these congregations or pastor these congregations do not turn out and vote and we are dealing with the consequences by the failure of Christians to go vote.”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott: “The most important thing anyone can ever do is to stand on their principles, stand on their values and that should be the guiding force in your life but second, it should be that the politically correct thing to do is to stand for the values that Christ preaches and if we do that those are the values and principles upon which this nation was founded upon and what needs to be replicated and it’s because we’ve been getting away from those values and principles that the United States of America has begun to erode.”

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Brody File Interview: Mark Levin Calls For Civil Disobedience Against Federal Government

Author and popular Radio Show Host Mark Levin tells The Brody File that it’s time American citizens disobey and protest the out-of-control, immoral and deceitful federal government in a civil way. “Do you want to live with liberty? Do you want to live with prosperity or do you want to live in miserable, gloomy, bleak times because that’s where we’re headed if you don’t stir yourselves and rally and protest and in some cases disobey, not like the left where they burn down neighborhoods and administration buildings. I’m talking about civil, prudential protest and yes, every now and then when you have a professor who’s tearing down the country speak out and disobey and disagree.”

Levin made the comments to me in our interview about his new best-selling book called, “Plunder and Deceit.” The book focuses on how the federal government is destroying the moral order for the next generation and what we can do about it now. Watch the video below along with a partial transcription. A full television story on Levin’s book will air soon on The 700 Club.

Also, let me just say it’s so refreshing talking to Mark Levin and getting to know him. Many liberals think he just likes to rant and rave on the radio and as we all know, he does so fluently. But he does it with a purpose, a commitment to see this country great again. On a personal note, the guy has a HUGE heart and is one big teddy bear. But when it comes to defending liberty, he’s a grizzly bear.

Mandatory Courtesy: CBN News/The Brody File

Mark Levin: “In the home, during the holidays, at the dinner table, at the breakfast table, when you are putting your kids to bed. Those are the circumstances. We as parents and grandparents have more influence on our children and grandchildren than we can possibly know.”

Mark Levin “Do you want to live with liberty? Do you want to live with prosperity or do you want to live in miserable, gloomy, bleak times because that’s where we’re headed if you don’t stir yourselves and rally and protest and in some cases disobey, not like the left where they burn down neighborhoods and administration buildings. I’m talking about civil, prudential protest and yes, every now and then when you have a professor who’s tearing down the country speak out and disobey and disagree. I know I’ve done that repeatedly and others can do it too.”

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