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Egypt Roundup and the Latest on 'The Brotherhood'

I've had a very busy past two days discussing the chaos in Egypt and my new book, The Brotherhood: America's Next Great Enemy.

I'll be on the Glenn Beck Program on The BlazeTV tomorrow (Friday) during the 5 p.m. EST hour talking specifically about the persecution of Egyptian Christians by Islamists. I'll also be on Fox News with Neil Cavuto tomorrow (tentative) and Fox and Friends Saturday morning at 9:15 am EST.

In case you missed my segment with Martha McCallum on Fox News yesterday, you can watch here.

I also appeared with Sean Hannity last night on his Fox News show. Watch here.

Video from this morning's Fox and Friends appearance is also coming soon.

Lastly, my blog post from NRO's "The Corner," Egypt's Unraveling and the Coming Chaos.

Stay tuned for more updates in this space as events in Egypt continue to unfold.

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