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'Crucified Again': Important New Book Exposes Widespread Muslim Persecution of Christians

My friend Raymond Ibrahim has written a groundbreaking, eye-opening new book called Crucified Again: Exposing Islam's New War on Christians.

Ray's book highlights, in comprehensive detail, the biggest untold story in the world today--one that most of the so-called mainstream media are completely ignoring. It's estimated that every five minutes somewhere in the world, a Christian is killed for his faith.

I want you to really wrap your head around that for a second. Every five minutes someone, someplace is murdered for proclaiming Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

It has become a worldwide epidemic, and the vast majority of this brutal Christian persecution occurs in the Muslim world. Christians are literally disappearing in the Middle East—the birthplace of Christianity—at the hands of Muslim jihadists.

This is a massive story. And no one is doing a better job of covering it then Raymond Ibrahim. Pick up his must read new book, Crucified Again and check out all of his writings at

My interview with Ray about the book will air on the May 20 edition of the Stakelbeck on Terror show. In the meantime, check out his interview with my CBN colleague Gary Lane from the May 7 edition of CBN Newswatch.

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