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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The Election's Disastrous National Security Implications

Last week, I posed five national security questions for the next American president. We now know that President Obama will remain Commander-in-Chief. Here are just some of my immediate thoughts on the implications of the voting public's decision--for America's security, the Middle East and beyond.

And remember, now that reelection is secure, there are no restrainers for the Obama administration foreign policy agenda over the next four years.

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-- It is now up to Israel--and Israel alone--to stop Iran's nuclear weapons program. Other than American conservatives, no one was more disappointed in last night's result than Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. And with good reason.

-- The Obama administration will join the so-called "international community" in putting incredible pressure on Israel to give up land and establish a Palestinian state. And the administration may very well open formal dialogue with Hamas--the Muslim Brotherhood's Palestinian arm.

-- We will see a major war in the Middle East, as Israel's enemies judge that America has abandoned the Jewish State and become even more emboldened.

-- The Syria crisis will continue to spin out of control and could possibly reach a horrific climax.

-- President Obama will continue his push for a nuke-free world and slash America's nuclear stockpile. At the same time, America's rivals will increase their stockpiles or be disingenuous in their pledges to reduce nuclear arms (see: Russia).

-- North Korea, which has been relatively quiet since the death of Kim Jong-Il, will once again make serious noise on the Korean Peninsula.

-- The Muslim Brotherhood will continue its ascendancy in the Middle East and North Africa--I've had my eye on Jordan now for some time as another potential domino to fall into the MB's hands. And a Brotherhood-led Egypt will become an outright enemy of Israel and ditch the two nations' peace treaty.

-- At the same time, the Brotherhood and its American surrogates will continue to receive red-carpet treatment from the Obama administration.

-- The international push--led by Islamists--to criminalize so-called "defamation of religion" (aka free speech about Islam) will gain major traction, with the support of the Obama administration.

-- Turkey, led by its Islamist Prime Minister Erdogan (President Obama's close confidante) will grow into an increasingly bold, important--and dangerous--player in the Middle East.

-- The leadership in Russia and China will see America as feckless, toothless, and washed up and will pursue territorial expansion as a result. The response? U.S. defense spending will continue to decrease markedly.

-- We will never get the answers we seek about Benghazi and the mainstream media will assist its beloved administration in removing the Libya scandal from the headlines for good.

-- The Obama narrative that Al Qaeda is nearly defeated will continue--even as AQ affiliates in Africa and elsewhere carry out new attacks, quite possibly against U.S. and Jewish targets abroad.

It's a massive understatement to say this won't be pretty. But I am energized and ready to continue telling the truth about the threats we face as a nation no matter how unpopular it may be.

I believe America is in for some painfully difficult times at home and abroad. We are entering perilous and uncharted waters. But God still sits on the Throne. He has a plan and He will never forsake his people--those in America who still honor the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Let's keep up the fight and be Watchmen--and Women--on the wall. For times like these.

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