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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Stakelbeck on Terror Show: Iran's War on America

Watch this week's Stakelbeck on Terror show below.

On this episode, we analyze the Iranian regime's ongoing 32-year war against America, and how Iran's nuclear weapons program is not just a threat to the Middle East, but to the world--contrary to some dangerous misperceptions that have been gaining traction in some places (like Ron Paul's campaign headquarters).

We also examine the Iranian regime's apocalyptic beliefs and how they motivate its jihad against the nation it calls "The Great Satan" -- America. That includes an in-depth look at how Iran and its proxy, Hezbollah, are establishing a network throughout Latin America--at the very doorstep of the United States.

Former Israeli Ambassador Yoram Ettinger, an expert on U.S.-Israeli relations, also joins us to discuss Iran, the so-called "Arab Spring," the folly of a Palestinian state and whether war is in on the horizon in the Middle East.

Plus: don't miss this week's "Sharia Flaw" segment, where we take aim at the Iranian regime's recent jihad against...Barbie. Yes, the doll.

Follow Stakelbeck on Terror on Twitter. Click play to watch this week's edition of Stakelbeck on Terror. See a list of previous episodes here.

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Londonistan Lives: Brits Release Terror Cleric Abu Qatada on Bail

For years, I've documented Great Britain's descent into PC-addled, post-Christian, Islamist madness. In 2010, I received a first-hand taste of it during a week-long stay in London in which I interviewed Anjem Choudary and other notorious Islamists, some Al Qaeda-linked (see the video I've embedded below), who are walking the streets of the British capital as free men--and in many cases, collecting generous welfare benefits from the state.

I actually dedicated an entire chapter of my book, The Terrorist Next Door, to my personal experiences in Britain and the general overall decline of that once proud nation. If there is a living, breathing symbol of that decline and weakness, other than Choudary, it has to be Abu Qatada.

Acknowledged as Al Qaeda's spiritual leader in Europe and a former confidante of Osama bin Laden, Qatada has been in and out of British custody for years, as leftist British judges refuse to deport him back to his native Jordan for fears he'll be tortured. Poor guy.

In the past, when he's been free, Qatada and his family have collected the obligatory (for jihadists) welfare benefits from the British government. Incredibly, it looks like Qatada and his brood may now be living on the government dole once again: and just in time for the 2012 London Olympics.

Or maybe it's really not so incredible--after all, this is Londonistan. Here's more, from The Telegraph:

It is simply not acceptable that Britain is unable to deport radical Muslim cleric Abu Qatada who "poses a serious risk to our national security", Home Secretary Theresa May said today.

Mrs May said she disagreed with a senior immigration judge's decision to bail Abu Qatada yesterday, which means he will be free and walking his child to school within a week.

"The right place for a terrorist is a prison cell; the right place for a foreign terrorist is a foreign prison cell far away from Britain," Mrs May said.

The radical Islamic preacher will be back on the streets within days after he was granted bail, despite even his own defence team suggesting he posed a “grave risk”.

Mr Justice Mitting granted Qatada bail after the European Court of Human Rights ruled that he could not be deported to his native Jordan.

Downing Street said it did not regard the ruling as “the end of the road”, warning that the man once described as Osama bin Laden’s “right hand man in Europe” remained “dangerous” to Britain.

A spokeswoman for the Prime Minister said the Home Secretary, Theresa May, was considering how to respond to the judgment.

“We are absolutely committed to protecting national security and we are going to take the necessary measures to do so,” the Downing Street spokeswoman said.

“We are in no doubt that this is a dangerous man and he poses a real threat to our security. He has not changed his views or attitude to this country.

“It is not the end of the road. We are considering our legal options.”

Good luck with that. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Winston Churchill is turning in his grave. Click on the viewer below to watch my 2010 interviews with wanted terrorists walking free in London.

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