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Stakelbeck Featured in GBTV Special on Sharia Threat to America

Regular viewers of Stakelbeck on Terror know that I've been sounding the alarm about the growing threat to the West posed by Islamic sharia law and the challenge it poses to the U.S. constitution and American way of life.

I'm so concerned about this push for sharia here, led mainly by Muslim Brotherhood-connected Islamists, that I devoted an entire show to it back in May.

Glenn Beck has been a true Watchman on the Wall on this and many other issues for some time. That's why I'm honored to be a contributor to his new network,, and thrilled to take part in a two-hour special tonight with Glenn about the sharia threat to America.

Watch from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. EST on as I join Glenn, along with the brave ex-Muslim dissident Nonie Darwish, to discuss the Islamist threat in your backyard and the push for a new caliphate.

I believe the extent of infiltration that we reveal tonight will shock a lot of people and serve as a major wakeup call. But if you're still not convinced, pick up my book, The Terrorist Next Door. If that still doesn't work, well then, I guess--as the crooked captain said in Cool Hand Luke--some men you just can't reach. Leftists, I'm looking at you.

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