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Hamas Expanding Its Global Reach?

A very important piece here by a former U.S. government intelligence official, Matthew Levitt, who now runs the counterterrorism program at the Washington Institute.

Looks like Iran's proxy, Hamas, is expanding its global reach: Read the piece here. 

An excerpt:

Historically, Hamas has limited its operational focus to Israel, with almost all of its attacks occurring within the West Bank, Gaza, and Israel proper. Although many non-Israelis have been killed in such attacks, most of them were unintended victims of inherently indiscriminate terrorist tactics.

Recently, however, Hamas has expanded its area of operations. Information released by Israeli and American authorities suggests that the group has now extended its logistical efforts and even certain planning and operational activities as far afield as Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Syria, Egypt, and China.

Read it all. Sounds like the perfect time for Israel to give up land in the West Bank, huh? Madness.

And by the way, around here we refer to the so-called "West Bank" as Judea and Samaria, the Biblical heartland of the land of Israel.

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