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Iranian Regime Continues Push to Unite Muslim World Against Israel and the West

Amid all the hoopla surrounding the Palestinian push to unilaterally declare statehood at this week's U.N. General Assembly--and further their ultimate goal of pushing Israel into the sea--an important development out of Tehran last Friday was overlooked.

The Iranian regime held a two-day conference on "Islamic Awakening" that was attended by several hundred guests from Arab countries. The main order of business was the so-called "Arab Spring" and how Islamists can gain power as a result of the ongoing revolutions sweeping the Middle East.

As I wrote here last month, the Iranian regime's dream is to lead a united Islamic front against Israel and the West. And with the Islamist Winter, er, "Arab Spring" in full swing, the Iranians see a golden opportunity to do just that.

Here's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, speaking at the Islamic Awakening Event:

TEHRAN — Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Saturday warned those involved in popular Arab uprisings against trusting Western powers and their "promises," saying they should instead confide in Islam for solutions.

"Never trust America, NATO, and criminal regimes like Britain, France and Italy — who for a long time divided your lands (among themselves) and plundered them," Khamenei said as he opened a two-day conference in Tehran on "Islamic Awakening" attended by several hundred guests from Arab countries.

"Be suspicious of them and do not believe in their smiles. Behind those smiles and promises lie conspiracy and betrayal," Khamenei said. "Look for solutions in . . . Islam."

"Do not let your enemies dictate your plans for the future, do not sacrifice the principles of Islam before temporary interests," he said in remarks broadcast live on state television.

Iran has vocally supported most uprisings in the Arab world, with the exception of the revolt in its regional ally Syria, where it backs the regime of President Bashar al-Assad while advocating reform.

The Islamic republic has in recent months repeatedly accused the West of attempting to hijack the revolt movements in the Arab world.

Precisely. The Iranian leadership is seeking to co-opt the uprisings for its own end: the emergence of the Mahdi, and the destruction of Israel and the West by the combined forces of Islam.

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