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Stakelbeck in NYC for GBTV Launch

I've been in New York City the past two days to take part in the launch of Glenn Beck's cutting-edge, new 24/7 online network.

I'll be contributing the same analysis and insights about the radical Islamic threat and the Middle East for GBTV that I do for CBN News on a regular basis.

Yesterday, my story about the state of Islamic extremism 10 years after 9/11, followed by Q and A, aired on the inaugural episode of Glenn's new two-hour daily show.

Today, my story about Islamic 9/11 Truthers will air, also with Q and A after. Hope you can check it out: more details on how to subscribe to GBTV here.

If you watched the Restoring Courage events in Israel last month, which I was honored to be a part of, you know that Glenn and his team are doing top-notch, brave work on issues that are important to CBN News viewers.

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