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Radical Filmmaker Michael Moore Headed to Iran?

When we last saw Marxist documentarian Michael Moore, he was cozying up to the murderous Castro dictatorship in Cuba. Now the rotund rabble-rouser may be headed to Tehran to once again play the role of useful (useless?) idiot, this time for Ahmadenijad and the mullahs.

What motivates a man to embrace an avowed enemy of the nation of his birth and undoubtedly one of the most repressive regimes in human history? My friend Reza Kahlili has more:

American filmmaker Michael Moore has asked for permission to travel to Iran to attend Cinema Verite, an Iranian international festival for documentary films, according to Mehr News, the mouthpiece news agency of Iran's Islamic regime.

In a big-headlined story in the Iranian media, Mr. Moore is quoted as saying he wants to visit Iran to do research about the country. In addition, he is an opponent of U.S. government policies, and he wants to show his objection by traveling to Iran.

Mr. Moore, who has directed several well-known documentaries, has always claimed to take the side of ordinary people and has portrayed himself as someone who stands up for the rights of the abused...

Mr. Moore fails to understand what endorsing evil does. He fails to understand that any affirmation, any recognition of the radicals ruling Iran is a direct insult to all the Iranians who have paid dearly with their blood to have what Mr. Moore takes for granted.

Instead of traveling to Iran, where the Islamic government will use him as a means for its propaganda, as it has done with others, Mr. Moore should make a documentary about the aspirations of the Iranian people for freedom and democracy - a documentary about the injustices done to young people, middle-aged people, old people who want nothing more than their rights as human beings.

Moore's apparent eagerness to play the stooge for Islamic radicals comes on the heels of a slanderous, willfully misleading report by the ultra-left, George Soros-funded Center for American Progress demonizing patriotic Americans who oppose the growth of radical Islam and sharia law in the United States.

Not surprisingly, Iran's state-controlled media picked up the report and ran with it.Of course, this is far from the first time that Leftists have been used as dupes for the Iranian regime. Alas, the last go round didn't end so well for our socialist chums. Click here and fast forward to the 43:46 mark for more details.

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