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Former Iranian Radical Turns to Christ

"Reza Kahlili" is a pseudonym for a former member of Iran's Revolutionary Guards who worked for years inside the Iranian regime as a CIA double agent.

Over the past year, I've collaborated with Reza on several important stories (see here and here). After reading his gripping memoir, A Time to Betray, I decided to devote an entire episode of the Stakelbeck on Terror show to Reza and his harrowing journey from Tehran to America.

During our taping, I was blown away by his bravery. But now Reza, raised Muslim in Iran, may have made his most courageous decision yet. Here's more:

Khomeini and the clerics announced themselves as representatives of Allah on earth and declared anyone opposing them to be a "Moharb," an enemy of God. The punishment was execution. Tens of thousands were executed.

With that horror unfolding, I chose to return to the United States and collaborate with the CIA, hoping to help overthrow an evil regime that had hijacked my country in the name of Allah. I returned to Iran after CIA training, and my espionage career began. During all those ensuing years as I witnessed unimaginable crimes committed by the clerics, I believed they misrepresented Islam. What God could demand such cruelty?

As I learned more about the Quran and what Muhammad prescribed, I concluded that Islam as now practiced in Iran is no true religion, that the Allah of the criminal ayatollahs is not the real God. Their religion turned against every principle of humanity. They instituted a cruel set of laws that represent intolerance, savagery and injustice, representative of an evil mind, not a loving God.

So I renounced Islam and began the quest to find the real God, the one who had blessed me so often in very dangerous times as a CIA spy. In that journey through a few Christian friends, I came to learn about Jesus. I found myself deeply moved by the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. His words spread through my soul as seeds sprout and grow, opening my eyes and my heart to the real love of our Lord. It was then that I knew beyond doubt that the Bible was the true Word of God. That Jesus was the One I had always been looking for.

Jesus came to me when I needed guidance. He came to me at a time when my faith in man and religion was totally shaken. His words and His love became the guiding light to set me free from sin and hopelessness. I found myself knowing there is goodness and kindness and that it comes from within us – that it is only through His love that we will find peace and eternal life.

Read it all. And congrats to my friend Reza on a brave decision he will not regret!

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