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Exclusive: Israeli Vice PM Moshe Yaalon tells CBN: 'Iran is Involved' in Gaza Rocket Attacks

I sat down yesterday with Israel's Vice Prime Minister Moshe Ya'alon for a wide ranging interview on the latest events in Israel and the greater Middle East.

Much more to come early next week with Minister Ya'alon, who is the second-highest ranking member of the Israeli government, when our interview hits the air on CBN's "The 700 Club" program.

In the meantime, I wanted to provide some timely teaser soundbites.

With talk that Israel may soon employ its "Iron Dome" counter-rocket defense system, I asked Minister Ya'alon about thesharp increase in rocket attacks out of Gaza against Israeli cities and towns. He told me the Israeli government believes that "behind the scenes, Iran is involved" and has given its terrorist proxies, like Hamas, the green light to intensify attacks against Israel.

Click on the viewer below to see more.

Print     Email to a Friend    posted on Friday, March 25, 2011 11:55 AM

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