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Stakelbeck on Terror Show Exclusive: The Muslim Brotherhood in America

I wanted to give everyone a head's up about a new, special edition of my show, Stakelbeck on Terror. I believe it is the most important show we have done yet.

In it, I’m joined by an expert panel in discussing a jihadist organization what many consider the greatest long-term threat to America’s national security: The Muslim Brotherhood. Yes, even more dangerous--long term--than Al Qaeda.

Watch as former FBI special agent John Guandolo, ex-CIA officer Brian Fairchild and leading investigative journalist Patrick Poole break down the Brotherhood's history, its goals and its infiltration of leading U.S. government and educational institutions.

It’s an in-depth discussion on the Brotherhood’s American nexus that you won’t see on any other network. You can watch by clicking on the viewer below.

Here is a breakdown of the segments:

Segment 1: The Brotherhood’s History (top of the show)

Segment 2: The Brotherhood’s American Network (5:52 into the show)

Segment 3: The Brotherhood on Campus and Beyond (11:22 into the show)

Segment 4: The Brotherhood: An Insurgency with Nazi Ties (17:22 into the show)

Segment 5: The Brotherhood’s Leading American Front Group: CAIR  (22:20 into the show)

And stay tuned to the October 4th edition of Stakelbeck on Terror for the conclusion of my discussion on the Muslim Brotherhood: we’ve established that there is a problem. Now what is the solution?

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# RE: Stakelbeck on Terror Show Exclusive: The Muslim Brotherhood in America

I know this is not news to you;however, you may not know now completely the socialist left and radical Islam have infiltrated my Church.

The Council for American-Islamic Relations( CAIR)

, has offices in the Methodist Buildings in NYC.Bishop Bruce R Ough, West Ohio Conference United Methodist Church,issued a press conference statement vilifying the "Obsession" DVD,RADICAL ISLAM'S WAR AGAINST THE WEST I do not think he has a good understanding of the threat radical Islam I believe the statements printed in,Tablighi Jamaat: Recipe for an Islamic State, are valid

, ,

Cair is conducting training classes in United Methodist Churches through out the entire US.

The Islamic Society Of North America(

),Nation Magazine

Left by Jerry on Sep 24, 2010 7:12 PM