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New Report Warns of Rise of Islamic Sharia Law in America

I attended an event today on Capitol Hill announcing the release of an important new report called Shariah: The Threat to America that advises the Obama administration to stop ignoring the link between Islam and terrorism.

The report (read it here) is sponsored by the Center for Security Policy, a leading national security think tank in Washington, D.C. It's a comprehensive, 177-page expose on how radical Islamists are attempting to establish sharia law in the United States--and it offers a fresh strategy on how to fight back against them.

The report--which has received the endorsement of key Republican House members Michelle Bachmann, Peter Hoekstra and Trent Franks--was put together by a 19-member all-star team of national security experts, including former high-ranking officials from the CIA and U.S. military, a former Justice Department prosecutor and a former FBI special agent.

They call themselves "Team B II." The original Team B was focused on the threat from Soviet communism during the 1970s. Leaders of the new group say Islamic sharia law represents a threat every bit as dangerous.

"We've put together a superb team--Team B--to provide that second opinion with respect to today's totalitarian ideology," said Frank Gaffney, president of the Center for Security Policy. "Its ambitions, its capabilities. The progress it's making towards its stated goal of replacing this country, this constitution, this government--with sharia."

The new report seeks to present an alternative strategy to what the Obama administration is putting forth and criticizes the administration's refusal to acknowledge the religious and ideological motivations behind Islamic terrorism.

Team B members say that while true moderate Muslims need to be promoted and strengthened, the U.S. government continues to reach out to the bad guys: false moderates who are, in reality--radicals who want to impose sharia law on America.

You can watch my report by clicking on the viewer below.

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