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New Episode: Stakelbeck on Terror show, Featuring Exclusive Interview with Fmr. Bin Laden Associate

The new episode of my show, Stakelbeck on Terror, is now up online. You can watch it by clicking on the viewer below.


The big features this week:


--My exclusive interview with Noman Benotman, a former friend and associate of Osama bin Laden who takes CBN inside Al Qaeda (1:35 into the show):


"He insists on inflicting pain to his enemies," Benotman said of bin Laden. "Beyond your imagination. You can't miss it when you talk with him."

--My exclusive interview with Dani Dayan, Chairman of the Yesha Council representing the 300,000 Israelis living in Judea, Samaria and Gaza. (18:58 into the show).

--The War Council roundtable, featuring Middle east experts Walid Phares and Lee Smith discussing Turkey’s Islamist turn and Syrian scheming (12:30 into the show)

--And also be sure to check out my new report from Vienna on Elisabeth Sabaditsch Wolff, the Austrian anti-jihad activist who has been charged with “hate speech” for criticizing the Koran.

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