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"Fidgety" Muslim Man Arrested at Houston Airport w/Jihadist Books

More from the "Move Along, Nothing to See Here" department:

 A traveler from India has been arrested on a weapons charge at Bush Intercontinental Airport, and police said the man was carrying extremist books that refer to "jihad" and "infidels," Local 2 Investigates reported Friday.

"He had a ton of books," said one law enforcement official involved in the lunch-hour arrest.

The man also had a large amount of cash and a portable computer storage device capable of holding documents and data, officials said.

Police identify the passenger as Vijay Kumar, a resident of Mumbai, India.

He has been booked into a Houston jail on charges of possession of a prohibited weapon after brass knuckles were found in his checked luggage.

Law enforcement officials involved in the arrest said that Kumar was pulled out of the Terminal E security screening line for a closer look after TSA behavioral detection officers noticed he was sweating and fidgeting.

Officers said they then found the brass knuckles, as well as several books and diagrams in his carry-on luggage, including one book titled, "New Voices of Islam," and another espionage publication called "Spycraft."

Officers said many of the books were written in Arabic, but they did notice English publications that refer to "jihad" and "infidels." They also found diagrams that purport to describe U.S. military weaponry, according to law enforcement officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Has this been reported on one mainstream media outlet yet? Just curious.

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# RE: "Fidgety" Muslim Man Arrested at Houston Airport w/Jihadist Books

I been following the debate on the mosque at Ground Zero and am amazed that Americans would support such a project. I shake my head at the naivete of these people. Obviously they don't understand the true nature of Islam.
Left by Jhonchua on Aug 23, 2010 10:39 PM